Homes people can afford

affordable housing

Everyone needs a place to live but they also need a thriving environment with access to green spaces.

Housebuilding covers more countryside than any other kind of development. Successive governments have made new housebuilding a priority. Local councils are being offered financial incentives in return for permitting new developments.

CPRE Hampshire is not against development that enhances a thriving, living countryside. We support projects that offer benefits to communities such as genuinely affordable housing solutions.

Our view

We want to stop increasing urban sprawl into the countryside. We believe that there are many other ways in which people can be housed properly. Instead of building new houses in greenfield sites, we want to see local councils putting pressure on housebuilders to support urban regeneration, so that people have greater options for homes in thriving, pleasant communities without moving out of town. Where new houses do need to be built, developers should be making a lot more use of ‘brownfield’ sites, which have already been developed in the past.

In summary, we are not opposed to housebuilding, we:

  • Recognise the need to provide more affordable housing, especially in rural communities (see our Affordability of housing in rural areas guidelines).
  • Encourage good design, commensurate with local character.
  • Support better use of existing land, particularly on brownfield sites.
  • Expect future housing provision to be sustainable, with high levels of energy and water efficiency.