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CPRE Hampshire Community Hedge Fund

We are delighted to be able to continue, the CPRE Hampshire ‘Community Hedge Fund’. We are sharing our love of hedgerows by offering grants of up to £1,500 to assist community groups with the planting or rejuvenation, by laying or gapping up, of hedges in areas accessible to the public. Read on for more details.

At CPRE Hampshire, we LOVE hedges. Not only are they a beautiful feature of our countryside, green spaces and gardens, they make a great contribution to reversing the effects of climate change, and in providing shelter, homes, safe travel and food to all kinds of wildlife. Our aim is to reach across Hampshire to assist our national CPRE target of increasing the length of hedgerows in the UK by 40% by 2050. #40by50. And that’s where you come in. We are offering grants of up to £1,500 to local communities interested in sharing our goal.

We loved hearing your stories from grants awarded last year. See below:

Blacknest Fields – the traditional craft of hedgelaying

Burgate School & Fordingbridge Town Council – the recreation ground hedge

Lasham Village Committee – the churchyard hedge

Ensuring the whip can support itself. | Bob Hart

Could your local community or school benefit? Could you plant a new hedge on your village green, school grounds or at the side of your cricket pitch?

Does your area have a hedge that is thin and straggly? Or can you see under and through to the other side of the hedge so therefore is in need of rejuvenation?

Check out ‘The People’s Trust for Endangered Species’ helpful guide in knowing what your hedge needs to be dense, healthy and providing as best it can for wildlife.

Top tips for managing hedgerows – People’s Trust for Endangered Species

The funding is designed for the purchase of whips and tree guards and/or the cost of labour and materials (stakes and binders) in the case of hedge restoration by laying. We can also provide advice and guidance on getting started, where to buy whips, what species to plant, how to plant a hedge, how to care for and manage your new hedge, as well as resources to promote awareness and education around the benefits of hedges for wildlife, farming and climate. We have ready-made Key Stage 1 and 2 materials for any children involved. Where appropriate, we can also provide support and hands-on advice with hedge planting.

Another opportunity for community groups might also be to carry out research on local areas to understand historic hedgerows and field names. CPRE Hampshire could cover costs such as historical maps. Please contact directly to discuss this opportunity.

Please see the application form provided below.


If you require further information please email

Applications accepted until December 2026. Projects must be carried out during the hedge planting and laying season, between November and March, and therefore we must receive all invoices by 31st of May 2027.

The hedge is laid.


The above photo shows a great example of a hedge after it has been laid. Please visit our ‘Hedgerow Hub’ for further information and resources on why hedges are important and how to go about maintaining a healthy hedge, including the process of hedge laying.

We look forward to hearing from you.