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About us

Child muddy puddles
Photography by Bill Waters

We are CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity, promoting, enhancing and protecting a thriving Hampshire countryside that enriches all our lives:


Support communities to have their say on developments and changes in Hampshire.

Promote the benefit of the countryside to everyone, wherever they live.

Work with local and national government, and other organisations to promote planning policies that make the best use of land.

Raise awareness of the Hampshire countryside as a vital space for health and well-being.

Encourage care of our fields and hedgerows to help protect landscapes and wildlife.

Call for homes that local people can afford to be built in the right places across the country.

Celebrate and support businesses that give back to the Hampshire countryside.

Promote renewable energy that doesn’t damage the Hampshire countryside or wider environment.

Farmer looking at soil

Help us stand up for the Hampshire countryside

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