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Rooftop Renewables

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At CPRE Hampshire, we are committed to tackling the climate emergency, which threatens not only our countryside but our planet.

Hampshire County Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. As a result, two targets have been set for the County Council, and these also apply to Hampshire as a whole:

  • Be Carbon neutral by 2050
  • Be resilient to the impacts of temperature rise

We know that our countryside can provide many of the solutions, through effective land use, whilst protecting our valued landscape.

At CPRE we believe the best place for as much solar as possible is surprisingly simple – on our roofs. Our current campaign on rooftop renewables calls for a balance to be struck between developing renewable energy schemes and protecting areas of high landscape value and high grade agricultural land.

Putting solar panels on the millions of roofs across the country means that we don’t need to use as much extra land to meet our energy needs. This saves land from industrialisation, and paves the way for regenerative agriculture that will produce food and provide a much-needed home for declining wildlife species.

Find out if there is a solar farm near you!

To help you understand renewable energy in your area, we’ve mapped the existing and planned solar projects across Hampshire. This includes ground mounted PV systems and/or battery installations.

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To deliver a rooftop revolution, we need policy change nationally and locally.

Expert research for CPRE shows that at least 60% of the solar energy we need can be delivered through installations on new builds, commercial buildings and car parks. We’re calling on the government to set a new and ambitious target for generating clean and affordable electricity from rooftops.

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A Rooftop Revolution: Getting solar off the ground in Hampshire and Sussex

Join us on Friday 14th June to explore the potential of rooftop solar solutions in Hampshire. Together with our guest speakers, we’ll discuss;

  • Why does rooftop solar matter – and what are other countries doing?
  • The opportunities and capacity for rooftop solar
  • Local area energy plans and the role of rooftop solar
  • Actions needed from government to accelerate rooftop solar
  • How to get panels on roofs in identified hot spots

This project has been funded by the Centre for the South – New Things Fund, fostering a unique collaboration between the University of Southampton’s Energy and Climate Change Division and CPREs Hampshire and Sussex. The partnership has built on previous work carried out by the University of Southampton and CPREs Rooftop Renewable campaign.

Reserve your free place and help get solar off the ground in Hampshire and Sussex

If you live in Hampshire and need advice or planning guidance, we recommend that you read our solar policy and renewable energy positioning statement. These documents outline our stance on renewable energy initiatives and the important aspects to consider if you are faced with a solar farm on your doorstep.