A briefing on affordable housing in rural Hampshire

16th November 2019

CPRE Hampshire has a vision of a beautiful and thriving countryside. This means rural communities which are stronger and more diverse, and where more people live and work in the countryside. Yet this will only be achieved if people in lower paid jobs are able to find a decent, affordable home close to work, and in a town or village where they have a clear connection.

“Affordable housing” is social rented, affordable rented, shared ownership housing and starter homes, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market.

Unfortunately, housing in many rural areas of Hampshire has become increasingly unaffordable to people on low and average incomes, and the failure to create affordable homes is fuelling some of the main issues facing rural communities. The closure of rural services (such as post offices, pubs and public transport) and the skewed population structure, due to falling numbers of young people, is linked strongly to the inability of people to be able to afford a home.

To read more about the provision of affordable housing in rural Hampshire, please download our two-page briefing and policy below (published 8 March 2016).

Read our Affordable Housing Briefing Paper here.

affordable housing
Children climbing in the New Forest