Update: South Downs and Central District Group

20th November 2019

News from the South Downs and Central District

As always, it has been an active six months for the District Group.

We have long supported the new South Downs National Park Local Plan, which has now been adopted as the local plan for the whole national park with common policies applying the whole way from Winchester to Eastbourne. It is strong on protecting landscape, tranquillity, dark skies, wildlife and cultural heritage, and in providing affordable housing.

Our main focus recently has been on the Draft East Hampshire Local Plan, which plans ahead to 2036. We have made a detailed Response, giving our support where we can but forcefully seeking changes where we cannot.

To meet government mandated housing numbers a minimum of 10,456 dwellings has to be provided before 2036. This is equivalent to 508 dwellings a year from 2017 to 2028 and 608 dwellings a year from 2028 to 2036. A big increase over the past, and all to be accommodated in the area of the District outside the national park.

Two countryside sites, out of ten potential sites, are to be identified for at least 600 houses. We have assessed all 10 potential sites, supporting one at Whitehill Bordon where the infrastructure will be in place to support it, including a new town centre, but rejecting the four situated in open countryside along the A31 at Chawton Park, Alton, Neatham Down, Alton, Northbrook Park, Bentley and Winchester Road, Four Marks as these are all within landscapes of such high quality, so-called “valued landscapes”, that planning rules provide should not be built on. The response of the District Council is awaited.

Our annual Quiz nights at Itchen Abbas and East Meon were successful in raising over £2500 for CPRE Hampshire.

Christopher Napier

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