Update: North East Hampshire District Group

22nd October 2020

News from North East Hampshire

The good news is that the Hart District Local Plan, having been delayed for some years, was finally adopted at the end of April this year during a short “virtual” Council meeting.

As reported in our last newsletter, Hart District Council has been awarded a Government grant of £150,000 to investigate the possibility of creating a new Garden Village development of 5,000 or more dwellings in the Winchfield/Murrell Green area and a ‘Shapley Heath Garden Community Opportunity Board’ has been set up. Meetings with other stakeholders have not yet been established. We will be watching this project and will comment on it when appropriate.

The appeal against refusal of a planning application for the building of up to 700 dwellings in Pale Lane was dismissed. We are not aware of any further applications regarding this.

Work has commenced on the building of some 400 dwellings on the Grove Farm site in Hitches Lane, Crookham Village.

Hugh Sheppard continues to represent us and CPRE Hampshire on aviation matters including the Farnborough airspace issues.

Due to the Covid pandemic our planning team did not meet between April and July, but we kept in touch by email. We have now decided to meet again on a regular basis and will continue to monitor and respond to development proposals in the district.

We are still looking to increase our membership and hopefully find some additional committee members.

Alastair Clark
North East Hampshire District Group Chairman

North East Hampshire
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The legacy of Ethel’s vision and determination lives on thanks to the continued efforts of the Friends of the Peak District, and she remains an inspiration to everyone within CPRE

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