Update: New Forest District Group

26th March 2020

News from the New Forest


Despite significant opposition to a number of proposed allocations, the New Forest District Council Local Plan Review has gone through consultation on modifications with no proposed changes to any of the sites. Concerns raised include flooding and inappropriate release of strong Green Belt among others.

However, the modifications did include policy changes sought by CPRE Hampshire in respect of landscape protection, dark skies and the provision of housing to meet local needs which are welcome. The inspectors report is awaited.

We are due to meet with the Chief Planning Officer for New Forest District Council, Claire Upton-Brown in April (Coronavirus situation permitting).

Eyes and Ears in our district

Our district is widespread and we are, alas, thin on the ground save in a few urban centres.

Can you help with local intelligence on issues impacting our countryside? These include, in no particular order of priority:

  • the quality and quantity of proposed new residential builds
  • recreational activities affecting tranquility, e.g. large groups of cyclists and unauthorised camping
  • biodiversity/water extraction
  • traffic infrastructure/signage
  • ‘blots on the landscape’ – wind turbines, phone masts
  • all developments and innovations and whether they are appropriate and/or sustainable
  • low flying aircraft/drones

We look forward to hearing from you.

Russell Webb
New Forest District Group

Children climbing in the New Forest
Photography by Annie Spratt/Unsplash
Children climbing in the New Forest