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A Spring Walk, Reclaiming a Meadow

23rd April 2024

Last week, we held a spring walk to explore a brand new project for CPRE Hampshire and the locals of Bar End, Winchester. Led by Rachel Remnant, she explained the importance of rejuvenating this forgotten meadow to bring biodiversity back to the area.


Reclaiming forgotten land can bring pockets of nature back to life and is vital for urban areas to provide a respite for wildlife. Every lost plot of grass can become a thriving habitat and support our wildlife, bringing biodiversity back to our countryside.

On Friday 19th April, we hosted a spring walk on this beautiful meadow with 18 locals from the area who left fantastic feedback. Rachel Remnant, our Winchester-based ecologist and founder of Land Lore Consulting, spoke beautifully about the importance of this meadow and how it can give back to the local community.

Bar End Meadows is a nearby neighbour to nature reserve St. Catherine’s Hill, with similar species of flora and plenty of potential. The first thing the locals and ourselves noticed was the carpet of buttery cowslips making an incredible view across the meadow. With the possibility of this project going ahead, we may uncover many other wildflower species and increase the biodiversity with proper meadow management.

Rachel is an experienced haymaker and skilled with a scythe. She put forth the idea of sessions to teach the traditional skill of scythe-mowing to locals of the meadow and surrounding area. With a connection in place to donate this hay to a local allotment, these sessions would feed straight back into the community.

This isn’t the only thing this meadow can offer to the community. Since COVID, the awareness of mental health has skyrocketed. As a greenspace on your doorstep, this respite can provide a quiet peaceful place to get away from it all. Not to mention, a great place to bring the kids to explore nature and experience a wilder space than their local play park.

With many plans prepared for these chalk grasslands, we’ll be looking for your support. We’d like to thank all those who attended the walk and will make sure we’re putting our all into improving these meadows.

Find out how effective meadow management is key to preserving biodiversity and combating the climate crisis.

rachel talking to people