Hedgerows Photograph Competition Winner Announced

By Vicky Marr
23rd November 2021

And the winner is ….

… Caitlin Geach, age 12, with her entry to our hedgerow heroes photography competition.

The Good and the Bad‘ portrays the bountiful hedgerow, heavy with berries, with the enormous combine harvester at work in the background. In past history, hedgerows have been ripped out to create greater arable areas that can accommodate this kind of larger agricultural equipment. It was seen as an economy of scale and an efficient way to manage the land. Now, as we fully understand and appreciate the true value of the humble hedgerow, we want to see these hedgerows restored. 

‘The Good and the Bad’ by Caitlin Geach, age 12 | Caitlin Geach, age 12

Boyd McCleary, CPRE Hampshire Chair said “We were impressed with how Caitlin had really thought through the meaning of the photograph and the messages we are trying to convey in terms of the history of hedgerows and how important it is they are rejuvenated and replaced. Not just a beautiful feature of our countryside, hedgerows provide an important food source and habitat for wildlife. Their carbon storage capacity means they also play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Well done to Caitlin. Keep up the good work!