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We have over 1000m of hedgerow to plant this February and we need YOUR help!

Vicky Marr
By Vicky Marr
8th February 2023

We would love any amount of your time, and don’t expect any big commitments from you. No prior knowledge or experience required.

Hedge planting continues as part of our Hedgerow Heroes project being undertaken at Upper Bronwich Farm, Titchfield, near Fareham.

Each day is simply planting hedges – the plants are 1-2yr old so they are ‘whips’ with a small root ball. We dig small holes or just slots when the root ball is small enough and pop them in.

We will start at 10am and plant until 4pm with a lunch break and a morning tea break if people would like to.

The latest hedge planting dates are:

  • Monday 13th February
  • Thursday 16th February
  • Saturday 18th February

With possibly more to come for February/March.

Location: Titchfield, Fareham.

Please email our Hedgerow Project Officer, Ellie Banks at if you are interested in joining us for a few hours, or more!