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CPRE and English Rural by Kerry Harrison

Brownfield is an area of land or premises that has previously been developed but has subsequently become disused or derelict. CPRE Hampshire believes that in most cases, brownfield sites are best.

What is brownfield?

Brownfield land, sometimes referred to as ‘previously developed land’, is any piece of land that has previously seen development. From car parks to factories to office buildings. While a handful of these sites are valued by local communities and wildlife, the vast majority are wasted space. Derelict and unused, ugly and available for regeneration.

Contrary to what is often claimed, brownfield land is a renewable resource. As our towns and cities change, so does our use of land, meaning new brownfield land comes forward all the time.

Much brownfield land is located within towns and cities, often in locations where it’s possible to make the most of existing infrastructure, transport and services, and where most people want to live. Building on brownfield land presents opportunity to simultaneously remove local eyesores and breathe new life into urban areas needing regeneration. Done well, it brings homes, jobs and services closer together, reduces car dependence and enhances communities while at the same time saving the countryside.

Brownfield toolkit

CPRE has launched an online toolkit to provide information on brownfield land in your local area to help increase the amount available for development and to protect green spaces and the countryside.

This toolkit aims to help people to tell their local council about brownfield sites that might be developed, and to ensure they are included in the council’s Brownfield Land Register and Land Supply dataset. This will increase the chances of these sites being developed, and take pressure off less appropriate places.

If you have information that might be of use, take a look and let us know. If you need assistance with this information, contact your district group lead in the first instance.

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