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What I like about the Hampshire Countryside

Our Duke of Edinburgh work experience volunteer Ethan has written a few words about what the Hampshire countryside means to him.

I love living in Winchester because it is surrounded by many different parks and it’s so easy go on long walks deep into varying parts of the countryside.

My sister and I can spend all Sunday cycling around Winchester’s cycle routes. Our favourite route is around St Catherine’s Hill and past the Hockley viaduct. It’s a tough ride but it is great to cycle freely through fields and track and under and over amazing bridges without worrying about cars. However, getting to and from St Catherine’s Hill can be quite dangerous to cyclists due to the high volume of traffic and its very busy and narrow roads. This is the part of the ride that is stressful and concerns our parents which limits our access to the route.

I believe it’s important that people my age have access to space that’s open and safe and FREE so we can keep fit and have adventures and fun freely.

Photography by Bill Waters