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CPRE fights for a better future for England’s countryside

Together we can save the countryside we all love Together we can save the countryside we all love Photo: © CPRE

We believe a beautiful, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live. Millions of town and city dwellers recharge their batteries with a walk or a bike ride in the local countryside, spend weekends and holidays in our National Parks, or enjoy fresh local produce. People who live in rural areas keep our countryside beautiful and productive.

The countryside is unique, essential, precious and finite – and it’s in danger. Every year, a little more is lost forever to urban sprawl, new roads, housing and other developments. Rural shops and services are closing, and increasingly intensive farming is changing the character of the countryside. Climate change, too, will have serious impacts on the rural environment.

Protecting and shaping the countryside
We work locally and nationally to stand up for the countryside: to protect it from the threats it faces, and to shape its future for the better. At the Hampshire branch of CPRE we work to defend the Hampshire countryside from damaging development and promote sustainable development; to protect and enhance the character of the local countryside; and to increase and harness support for it. CPRE Hampshire is a registered charity and its objects are to promote and encourage for the benefit of the public the improvement, protection and preservation of the countryside of Hampshire and its towns and villages, and the better development of the rural environment.

Standing up for your countryside
CPRE has been standing up for the countryside for over 80 years. In that time, we’ve seen some remarkable successes. We’ve helped win protection as National Parks for some of our most remarkable landscapes, from the Lake District to the South Downs. We’ve helped to influence and apply planning laws that have, against the odds, preserved the special beauty and character of the English countryside.

Our ambition
A beautiful and thriving countryside that’s valued and enjoyed by everyone.

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