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National CPRE Hedgerow Heroes Phase 1 Final Report out now

By Vicky Marr
7th June 2022

We have talked a lot about the Hedgerow Hero initiative taking place here in Hampshire. However, other county CPREs have also been working hard on the project and national CPRE have produced a final report of activity across the board.

“The CPRE Hedgerow Heroes Project groups have set an impressive standard for the first phase of this project. Each local project has taken a unique approach that is bespoke to their area which has been supported by national CPRE’s centralised project management. This has resulted in each group developing individual strengths and added value which they have shared with the other groups. We have now collated the experiences and learnings of each group into a toolkit which will be shared with all CPRE local groups to ensure that future projects are developed and run as efficiently and effectively as possible to maximise impact.”

If you are interested in an insight into all the activity that has taken place, please view the full report here:

Final Hedgerow Heroes Report 2022

Sarah Jameson