CPRE Hampshire welcomes withdrawal of Wheelabrator project

21st February 2020

Campaigners at Hampshire countryside charity CPRE join others in the local community to welcome news that Wheelabrator Technologies has withdrawn its plans for a large-scale incinerator project in the Test Valley.

Chair of CPRE Hampshire’s Planning and Policy Group, Carole Oldham, says: “CPRE Hampshire is delighted by the announcement from Wheelabrator Technologies that it is no longer proceeding with plans to build the Waste to Energy Incinerator which was proposed near Barton Stacey on the A303.

CPRE Hampshire liaised with the local campaign group Bin the Incinerator and carried out a detailed and holistic assessment of the proposed area. Our objection to the proposal was based on a number of adverse impacts, including on the visual landscape and rural character of this beautiful and special area, on traffic and transport, the potential for pollution of ground and surface water and the risk of flooding.

Crucially, we do not believe that the initial proposal for this development adequately assessed the potentially significant adverse impact on this much valued local environment or that it’s potential risks outweighed any benefits for the local community.”

CPRE Hampshire was a consultee for the Wheelabrator planning application. To view its response to the consultation in December 2019 visit the charity’s website at www.cprehampshire.org.uk.

Test Valley Wheelabrator
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