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Be Inspired: Improve Travel Choices Where You Live

CPRE Transport Toolkit Overview


Every day you’re likely to spend an average of an hour travelling. Even for much of the rest of the time transport will impact on you, for example - how other people travel in your area, how goods are transported, the layout of streets etc. The idea behind the toolkit was to show individuals, community groups and councils how they can come together to change travel options in your community for the better.

Did You Know?

  • 43% of people have access to a bicycle
  • 4% of people cycle nearly every day
  • People in villages and hamlets spend £22 per week more than the average on transport
  • 73% of people favour 20mph in urban streets
  • 250m e-bikes are predicted to be bought world-wide in the next 5 years
  • 9 minutes us the average time needed to walk from home to the nearest food shop
  • There are 140,000 local shops in the UK
  • 67% of people are concerned about traffic exhaust fumes
  • 1/3rd of all lorry traffic is carrying food and drink.

In The Toolkit

The transport toolkit is divided into five sections:

  • Plan better: what do you want to change?
    Suggests where you might find useful information, who you could work effectively in partnership with, where you could find funding and how you could put it all into a plan of action.
  • Change attitudes: you can help spread the word
    Not just about better information, this also covers promotion as well as encouraging more considerate road use. You’d be surprised how much you can change through persuasion.
  • Improve choices: practical action you can take
    Whether electric bike pools or adopting railway stations, cutting signage clutter or managing parking, this part is full of ideas to make to physical improvements to your area.
  • Be inspired: by local transport success stories
    The toolkit is full of case studies from across the country. While they are highlighted on the right of the screen in different parts of the toolkit, the full list is here.
  • Updates
    Changes and additions to the toolkit, new case studies and general news. Why not subscribe to the RSS feed so you can fi nd out when new content is added?

The full toolkit is available online at

Using the Toolkit in Hampshire

Does your area want to develop a transport scheme? If your community has a transport issue that you wish to resolve, why not get in touch. We are looking to work with a community to use the new transport toolkit in Hampshire. We hope to show the usefulness of the toolkit and to encourage others to use it. Please contact Becky French if your area would like support

Last updated 23rd January 2014.