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Increasing vehicle traffic on our roads and the use of vehicle on rural byways is putting various pressures on the countryside. Our Transport Group campaigns for a sustainable transport system in Hampshire through reducing the need for people to use environmentally damaging transport. Expansion of small airports is also affecting the tranquillity of the countryside.

transport toolkit

Transport Toolkit

For several years CPRE has been developing a toolkit to help communities take on board the challenges of transport in their area. Whether you want to tackle speeding through your village, cut the clutter of traffic signs, create an evening bus service or make safer cycling routes you’ll find help in the toolkit. The core of the toolkit is to plan better, change attitudes and improve transport choices in your area.

Toolkit Overview  ::  Sustainable Solutions in Rural Communities

Safe-Guarding Old Railways

disused station

Safe-Guarding Old Railways

Writing in our magazine Hampshire Views No.6, CPRE Hampshire transport campaigner Peter Lindon is compiling a list of disused railway routes in Hampshire, that could some time in the future be resurrected for railway or leisure use. The aim is to safeguard those routes from development where there is clear future potential for re-opening.
Read article... (PDF: 123kb)

Electric Bicycle Network

The South East's first Electric Bicycle Network (EBN) launched in April 2012. This gives visitors to the South Downs the opportunity to hire and ride ebikes around the rural lanes and trails of England's newest national park. Strategically located hire points have been set up at local businesses in the western end of the national park.

The launch of the EBN follows a set of trials in mid-2011 and is the result of a partnership between CPRE Hampshire and Electric Travel. Our EBN pages include details and results of the trials, details of how the scheme works and coverage of the launch.

EBN pages :: EBN website (external link).

Policy: Sustainable Solutions for Rural Communities

a32 road

Why have rural communities had to take a back seat when it comes to formulating national transport policy? And why does rural transport present such a challenge to policy makers? CPRE has addressed that problem with the development of a national Transport Toolkit (see above). We have also run Transport Symposiums and monitor the development and implementation of Hampshire County Council's transport policy.

Policy Pages - including summaries of Transport Symposiums

Keeping Rural Roads Rural

rural road

Increasing traffic on our roads is increasing pollution and congestion and destroying the tranquillity of some of our best loved rural areas. We have made steps to reduce the clutter of 'signage on rural roads' and seek better road layout in villages. There are always dilemmas to resolve such as that of the proposed Lyndhurt bypass.

Roads campaign  ::  The Lyndhurst by-pass dilemma

Clearing Clutter

road sign clutter

CPRE Hampshire's anti-clutter campaign has been running since 2004. This resulted in a pilot project that on the A32 that both reduced road signage and changed the surface in West Meon so that drivers are now more aware of other road users.

Our clutter campaign pages give the full story of the pilot and subsequent initiatives.

Clutter campaign  ::  Clearing the Clutter (article)

Byways Not Highways

cyclist on a boat!

The use of motorised vehicles on rural byways (BOATs - Byways open to all Traffic) has churned up some of our magnificant byways making it unpleasant or difficult for cyclists, horse-riders and walkers to use. Until 2006 we had the the absurd situation in which historic evidence of use by horse-drawn vehicles in previous centuries, could allow registration of these quiet byways as BOATS, thus allowing motorised vehicles, such as 4x4s, to use them.

Thanks to efforts by Rosemary Horsey, many of these applications were challenged and now there is greater protection.

BOATS - The Best News Yet

Aviation - A Threat to Tranquillity


The number of flights has increased three-fold over the last few years. In the South East major expansions are planned for Bournemouth and Southampton, and many small airfields such as Farnbrough have ambitious plans.

CPRE Hampshire wants to see a more balanced approach when it comes to planning issues. A good starting point would be to include local airfield planning in Local development Frameworks and Local Transport Plans.

Aviation Home   Small Airfields in Hampshire

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rural bus
Have you ever seen a large bus come through your village with only one or two people on it? CPRE are developing a transport toolkit to promote sustainable solutions to our policy makers.
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