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Use Your Expertise and Time to Volunteer


We need to recruit more active volunteers who believe in what we are trying to achieve and are prepared to get involved.

Our former chairman (John Venning) introduced the notion of volunteering à la carte. Rather than feel you have to over-commit to support a wide range of activities or join a committee, volunteers can now be selective as to which activity or campaign to support. Much can now be done via email without attending meetings and those who espouse a particular cause can contribute directly.

Make A Difference To In Your Community - Now!

Below are our current principle vacancies. Scroll down for details of the help we need both county and locally on an ongoing basis:

  • Fundraiser/Large Events Organiser: To actively pursue all avenues of fund-raising and to organise events that will generate funds - read job description (PDF)
  • Newsletter Editor: To organise contributions for a bi-annual newsletter from members, volunteers, CPRE groups and external sources and to see each issue through to successful publication - read job description (PDF)
  • Trustee: CPRE Hampshire - a registered charity - is currently looking for three Trustees to contribute actively to the Executive Committee in giving firm strategic direction to the organisation - read job description (PDF)
  • Committee Secretary: To organise Exective Committee and other meetings and provide the necessary administration, including writing up minutes - read job description (PDF)

For these and any other opportunities (such as those below) that would interest you, please apply using our Application Form - Word version :: PDF version.

What's It Like to Volunteer?

Camilla Swiderska (see photo left): Camilla explains how she found voluntary work for CPRE both flexible and rewarding. Read more...

Our Volunteering Policy (PDF) explains how we work, what volunteers do, about expenses and other requirements. If, after reading this, you still have questions, please call Michael Rescorle our Director (for the vacancies listed above), the county office for other county-wide opportunities or your local group for opportunities near you.

Find the Type of Volunteering that's Right For You

Our volunteering opportunities generally fall into four categories.

Supporting your local group

Examples of this type of work include:

  • Helping with social and fund-raising events
  • Becoming involved in local campaigns, such as protecting the open countryside from major developments
  • Organising visits, e.g. to sustainable farms or conservation schemes
  • Finding interesting speakers for evening meetings

See list of local groups to find the group nearest you. Also read what volunteer Lizzie Laird says about helping with events.

Contribute to the work of one the two county-wide groups

The four groups that operate across the county are:

Contribute to specific campaigns

If you have an interest or experience in a specific facet of our work, then you may like to contribute your expertise towards a specific campaign. Recent high profile campaigns have included Stop The Drop (anti-litter), developing a sustainable transport kit, providing inputs to local plans, Stop Fareham New Town, decluttering rural roads. You can find details of these activities and all the others in the - What We Do section.

Provide support to the county office

Our county office at Winchester can always do with a helping hand (or brain!). Whether it's volunteering at an event, helping to run a raffle or providing help with our website, the range of options is endless.

If you tell us what you've interested in, we will do our best to find you a project. Volunteering can be once a year, a month or as much time as you are prepared to give. Help us to stand up for your countryside by volunteering. Please contact Micheal Rescorle to discuss the volunteering opportunities. We would love to hear from you!

get involved

Look out for this icon across the site, to see opportunities to help our work.

If you think you can spare some time to help, please contact the relevant local group, county-wide group or the county office on 01962 841897. Or you can complete the volunteer interest form (doc version - pdf version) and return it to us by email or post.

We would be delighted to hear from you!

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