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CPRE Hampshire has joined forces with The Hampshire Gardens Trust (HGT) and the Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust (HBPT) to launch this 'Eyes and Ears' scheme, which allows members of the public to email their concerns about any planned new developments which might threaten historic parks, gardens, community green spaces, significant buildings and also valued areas of open and urban countryside.

It is much easier for us to shape future development plans if we are aware of them early. For more information about this scheme read the article The countryside needs your 'Eyes and Ears'

Report a Potential Development

Please fill in the details below to inform us of any planned new development. The details will then be sent to the relevant organisation. Once we receive your information, we will research the new development and if appropriate make contact with the developer or relevant authorities. If you have agreed, we will then endeavour to contact you within 14 days of you submitting your form. Please remember that we are all charitable organisations and our resources are accordingly limited. Your support as a member will always be welcome.

Details of the New Proposed Development

1. Location of the development. Please give as many details as possible and as a minimum the name of the local authority/village/parish and street.

2. Please sum up briefly what the development proposes

3. What does the application affect? If it affects more than one please tick multiple options.
The general countryside (CPRE)
Garden, park or formal green space (HGT)
An important or historic building (HBPT)
Note: Your selection(s) will determine which of the three organisations your input will go to.

4. Does the development have an application number (if so please list)?

5. Are there any dates that we should be aware of (application deadline / consultation deadline)

6. Are there any other details we should be aware of?

7. Do you require a response back?
Yes   No

Your Contact Details

These are required if we need any further information or clarification of the above information, or if you have requested a response. Please see our privacy policy if you are concerned about how we will use these details.
Your name:              
Email address:        
Telephone number:

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This page last updated 4th December 2012.