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Local Plans are the successor to the Local Development Frameworks introduced by the Labour Government. The district and unitary authorities within Hampshire are at different stages in the development of their plans for the next 15 years. See the local plan status page for a table showing the current situation in these 12 authorities and the two National Parks. The sections below highlight recent comments we have made about local planning.

Recent Updates

Test Valley Local Plan - CPRE's Test Valley Group has responded to the consultation on the revised local plan. It objects that the assumptions on housing growth are not robust as earlier wrong forecasts have shown. Rather than a 'predict and provide' approach it suggests that the council should take a plan, monitor and manage approach.
Read the full 16 page response (PDF). See also the response to an earlier draft of the core strategy.

Sky is the limit for greenfield building, warns CPRE Hampshire - A group of CPRE volunteers and others in East Hampshire have expressed concerns about proposals in the Joint Core Strategy for their Local Plan. Figures in the new plan set housing numbers for towns and villages but proposed changes mean that there could be no limit on the number a town or village would be required to take - read press release (Jan 2014).

Housing Site Allocations - A recent report by Tulley Associates assertedthat there is a shortfall of housing allocation in Hampshire of over 12,000 homes. We refuted these figures saying that insufficient allowance has been made for windfall sites - see press release (March 2013).

Silence of the Plans

One of our concerns is that if Local Development Plans do not have in place a core strategy by April 2012, then the National PLanning Policy Framework will leave local areas vulnerable to a planning free-for-all. The following press releases identify particular areas of concern:

The map below shows the local authorities within Hampshire

hampshire map

Additional Resource

  • Local Development Schemes - a 6-page CPRE briefing that provides an overview of how you can influence your Local Development Framework. It complements...
  • Local Development Frameworks - a 36-page CPRE Planning Help Campaigners' Guide. This guide explains opportunities you have to influence policies and plans, which in turn influence most types of development including housing and the fate of the local environment and countryside.
  • Guide to LDFs - on the government's Planning Portal. This visual guide introduces Local Development Frameworks and explains the importance and role of each development document.

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local plans status
We monitor the development of local plans and respond to consultations. Click on this table to view the current status of local plans in Hampshire



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