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Good land-use planning is key to environmental protection and has always been one of CPRE Hampshire's top campaigning priorities. We have a well established Planning & Policy Group that deals with the wider planning concerns in Hampshire. Our Planning in Hampshire page gives more information on our planning work, current issues and how we can help.

There are separate pages on major development proposals, including Welborne - North Fareham's New Town.

CPRE Hampshire writes to local MPs about dysfunctional planning system - see letter (Jan 2015) which is a follow up to an earlier letter sent in January 2014

waste of space

Waste of Space

CPRE has launched a national campaign called Waste of Space, which asks people to spot spaces in towns, cities and villages that could be regenerated for new housing. At the last count, there was enough brownfield land for around 1.5 million homes - that could save a huge area of countryside while providing the homes we need. This follows earlier calls to make better use of brownfield land for our needed housing development. In June 2014 CPRE Hampshire wrote to local MPs in support of a brownfield first policy - see article.

In Autumn 2014 we invited you to help us identify sites in your local town where housing could be built. We received over 400 submissions which you can view on the campaign map on the national campaign website. See also press release (Nov 2014).

Community Control or Countryside Chaos?


Two years have passed since the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and a new analysis by CPRE shows that there is "shoddy development in the countryside while vacant sites within towns remain undeveloped". At the time we warned that too much weight would be given to economic growth over other factors. An analysis shows that 39 out of 58 major housing developments have been approved on appeal after rejection by local planning authorities. The first link below is a newsletter article summarizing the conclusions of CPRE's analysis, while the second link takes you to the full report at CPRE's national website.

Newsletter article (PDF: 3pp) :: Full report - 24pp plus Annexes (opens in new tab)

Here We Go Again

stop them taking bites

It seems that the Coalition has been discussing proposals to weaken greenbelt protection in order to help boost house building. Not only will such measures contravene earlier promises made when the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was under development, this seems premature when the NPPF has yet to bed in. This article outlines the challenge facing CPRE Hampshire and others who want to protect our countryside.

Read the full article :: See Save Our Countryside campaign

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

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The NPPF came into force on 27th March 2013. While CPRE Hampshire broadly welcomed the final NPPF as published a year ago, a recent analysis raises significant concerns about whether the reformed planning system is capable of securing development the country needs and preventing damaging schemes in the wrong locations. Listed below are key documents and press releases issued during this campaign, including a summary of the recent analysis:

Local Planning & Localism


Following the government's scrapping of the South East Plan, local authorities now have much more say about planning issues in their area. Local plans comprise a series of documents including a core strategy, a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). In addition the new 'Localism' Act provides opportunities for local communities to have an important say about planing issues in their community. CPRE Hampshire have run seminars and CPRE nationally produce guides on neighbourhood planning.

Local Planning :: Status of Local Plans :: Community & Neighbourhood Planning

Charter for Planning Reform

planning charter

CPRE has recently launched its charter for planning reform: Making localism work for the countryside. The 4 page leaflet welcomes the coalition's government plans for a radical reform of the planning system. CPRE has long called for more public involvement in planning. The charter lists 9 key points including giving more weight to parish plans, a countryside that is valued and a sound evidence base.

Issued by CPRE national office, you can read the charter here (PDF).



We spend much of our time responding to proposals for major developments where the housing numbers are beyond what is sustainable or needed locally. A major concern of ours is that many people cannot afford to buy homes in the countryside. CPRE Hampshire is highlighting the need for affordable housing in Hampshire.

Read full article :: Go to housing campaign home

Eco-Towns: Are They Really So Eco?

building site The last government announced a list of sites for potential 'eco-towns'. One of these is the proposed Whitehill/Bordon eco-town on a former Ministry of Defence site. Although a brownfield site and an opportunity to create sorely needed facilities, there remain problems with infrastructure and transport. John Venning's article outlines the pros and cons of this proposed eco-town (May 2009).

Whitehill-Bordon pros and cons

SHUV (South Hampshire's Unheard Voices)

Fareham SDA

SHUV (South Hampshire's Unheard Voices) is an alliance of community groups originally formed to oppose the (now defunct) regional plan to build 80,000 homes in south Hampshire. There remain proposals for major developments such as over 6,000 houses at Welborne (formerly the Fareham Strategic Development Area).

SHUV home page

A Mega-shed Near You?

bulldozer There have been several proposals in our area to develop large distribution warehouses. One is on the site of Andover airfield, now restyled the Andover Business Park. Another was just over the border at Greenham in West Berkshire where the traffic would flow onto the A339 Basingstoke-Newbury road. CPRE has campaigned vigorously against these development where they are totally out of scale with their rural environment.

Megashed campaign pages

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