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battle map

The above map gives you a flavour of some of the developments in Hampshire on which we have campaigned. This 'battlemap' is currently being updated, but you can see the earlier edition here.

CPRE Hampshire engages with planning across the county. From influencing large scale strategic planning to working with local communities on smaller developments we try to offer positive solutions for the benefit of both our countryside and the community.

The Localism Act 2011 alongside the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has radically changed planning in England and Wales. Together they simplify the planning process and give local communities more say about planning and development. The 3-level structure: NPPF, Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans give real opportunities to shape development. CPRE natiojally and CPRE Hampshire have been active at all levels in trying to influence policy and make sure that development takes place in the most appropriate locations.

Current Priorities

planning seminar
Promoting the opportunities of Localism. We are providing advice, guidance and encouragement for communities to engage with the new planning system in their local area - see the community planning page.

Reviewing Local Plans. The 12 district or unitary authorities in our area have or are developing local plans that provide the planning policues for their area including strategic sites for new housing development - see the local planning page.

nppf response
Monitoring the National Planning Policy Framework. Despite some improvements since early draft of the NPPF, CPRE continues to be concerned about unwelcome development on greenfield sites outside of protected areas (see 'Is This Really The Plan' (March 2013). You can read what we said earlier in our detailed 38-page response to the 2011 consultation (PDF) or our 10-point summary.

site of north fareham sda
Influencing development plans for South Hampshire. We have worked with residents and local groups as part of SHUV (South Hampshire's Unheard Voices) to oppose inappropriate development in the countryside, most notably the proposed North Fareham Strategic Development Area.

borden-whitehill housing sda
Engaging in proposals for the Bordon-Whitehill 'eco-town'. Our aim is to make sure that this proposed development has suitable infrastructure, takes account of its surroundings and that it lives up to its 'eco-town' credentials - see Whitehill, Bordon - An Eco-town?.

barton farm Reviewing proposals for major housing developments. Several proposed major housing sites are greenfield sites where CPRE feel that housing development is inappropriate. Some we support and some we have opposed (unsuccessfully) but even then we continue to comment on consultations. Major developments include Barton Farm in Winchester, major proposals for Basingstoke, and sites at the edge of Petersfield.

affordable housing
Promoting affordable housing. We are encouraging local communities to build a few homes for rent or shared ownership on an 'exception site' in rural communities - see Chris Griffin's article The Need for Affordable Housing in Hampshire.

new forest Supporting our National Parks Authorities. Both the New Forest and South Downs National Parks Authorities aim to enhance the special character and enjoyment by all of these beautiful areas. We successfully fought a long campaign to include the Western Weald within the South Downs National Park - see South Downs NP pages.

In summary, we:

  • Seek to protect our Hampshire countryside and maintain and enhance its natural beauty
  • Support better use of existing land, particularly on brownfield sites and high housing densities in urban areas
  • Expect future housing provision to be sustainable, with high levels of energy and water efficiency
  • Encourage good design, commensurate with local character
  • Recognise the need to create more affordable housing, especially in rural communities.

How We Can Help You

If you, or your local community need support, we can offer you planning advice and have a wealth of expertise on offer to aid your work. Our planning volunteers are often able to provide local advice and direct you to relevant resources. We can look at the applications and if appropriate we will try to influence the proposal by putting in a response from CPRE. Please contact us at (Tel: 01962 779185).

Further Reading

Many of the following refer to the now defunct South East plan and Regional Spatial Strategies. Nevertheless, they do highlight key planning issues for Hampshire and CPRE Hampshire's position. Please note - you will be taken to our archive website.

There are more article on our archived South East Plan pages.

This page last updated 10th October 2013.