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This page gives a summary of the main contents of our bi-annual newsletters published since 2007. We also publish a monthly eNewsletter which you can find on our main news page. Also on this page are links to the CPRE South East regional eBulletins.

The links in the contents lists below take you to those individual articles that are republished elsewhere on this website. Alternatively you can download the complete PDF version of each newsletter, which includes financial reports and other articles not republished.

hampshire views 9

Hampshire Views - Issue 9
(Spring/Summer 2015)

The full newsletter (PDF: 800kb) is now available to download. Individual articles will be added to the relevant sections of this website later. The links below are to existing related content on this website. The newsletter contents include:

  • A Dysfunctional Planning System - brief to members of parliament - see planning page for details.
  • Countryside Poetry Competition Winners - these can also be found on our poetry competition page.
  • Our Way Forward - chairman's update on the Trustees' Strategy Day.
  • District Group Updates - now expanded to 3 pages; see district groups' news on what's happening near you.
  • Celebrating those working to enhance the countryside - awards winners 2014.
  • Communities in Action - about the rural conference coming up in October - see events.
  • The Events Programme - 2 page overview; see events page for latest updates.
  • The 500 Club - a good way to support CPRE Hampshire - see details on our support us pages.

Recent CPRE South East Bulletins

se bulletin

A typical bulletin cover one or two topics in depth and gives updates on policies and developments across the South East from Oxfordshire to Kent. The following recent bulletins are downloadable from this website:

For the complete list and archive go to the CPRE South East website (

hampshire views 8

Hampshire Views - Issue 8
(Spring/Summer 2014)

Articles include:

Download Hampshire Views No. 8 (Spring/Summer 2014) - PDF (16 pages; 13.9Mb)

hampshire views 7

Hampshire Views - Issue 7
(Autumn/Winter 2013)

Articles include:

plus news of changes at the office, new trustees and our director's report.

Download Hampshire Views No. 7 (Autumn/Winter 2013) - PDF (16 pages; 28.6Mb)

hampshire views 6

Hampshire Views - Issue 6
(Spring/Summer 2013)

Articles include:

Download Hampshire Views No. 6 (Spring/Summer 2013) - PDF (16 pages; 18.9Mb)

hampshire views 5

Hampshire Views - Issue 5
(Autumn 2012)

Articles include:

Download Hampshire Views No. 5 (Autumn 2012) - PDF (12 pages; 2.8Mb)

hampshire views 4

Hampshire Views - Issue 4
(Spring/Summer 2012)

Contents of this issue include:

Download Hampshire Views No. 4 (Spring/Summer 2012) - PDF (16 pages; 3.7Mb)

Autumn Bulletin 2010

Autumn Update (October 2011)

The contents include:

Download the Autumn Update 2010 (4 pages; PDF: 384Kb).

hampshire views 3

Hampshire Views - Issue 3 (Spring/Summer 2011)

Contents of this issue include:

Download Hampshire Views No. 3 (Spring/Summer 2011) - PDF (16 pages; 2.4Mb)

Autumn Bulletin 2010

Autumn Update 2010

The contents include:

Download the Autumn Update 2010 (4 pages; PDF: 384Kb).

Hampshire Views 2

Hampshire Views - Issue 2 (Spring/Summer2010)

The contents include:

  • Keeping The Countryside Top Of The Agenda
  • Farewell to Pam Mason
  • Restructuring of our local groups, including a new South Donws & Central group
  • Celebration of the creation of the South Downs National Park
  • The need for affordable housing in Hampshire
  • Farnborough Airport Update: An Appeal That's Lacking

Download Hampshire Views - Issue 2 (Spring/Summer 2010) (16 pages; PDF: 1.3Mb).

Autumn Update 2009

This bulletin records our sadness at the unexpected death of our chairman John Venning. Other articles include:

  • Litter update - the latest on the Stop the Drop campaing
  • Support for local foods
  • Report on CPRE Hampshire's seminar for Parish Councils and amenity organisations.

Download the Autumn Update 2009 (4 pages; PDF - 550K).

Hampshire Views - Issue 1 (Spring/Summer2009)

Our new annual printed newsletter, whose contents include:

  • CPRE'S Vision For The Countryside In 2026
  • volunteering made easy - new opportunities for à la carte volunteering
  • A Mega-shed near you
  • Clearing the clutter - from the roadside
  • Whitehhill/Bordons - An eco-town?
  • Farmborough airport expansion
  • Save Barton Farm

Download Hampshire Views - Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 2009) (16 pages; PDF 1.7Mb).

Autumn Update 2008

The contents include:

  • Progress on the South Downs National Park and South East Plan
  • Litter campaign: Hampshire Spring Clean
  • Minimizing food wastage
  • District groups update

Download the Autumn Update 2008 (4 pages; PDF - 362K).

Spring/Summer 2008 Newsletter

The content include:

  • Full Steam Ahead - Chairman's report
  • Litter - update on Stop the Drop national and local campaigns
  • Visit to Integra South East Energy Recovery Facility at Portsmouth
  • What you can and can't recycle in Hampshire
  • Around the Districts
  • CPRE Hampshire's Countryside Day
  • Launch of the Countryside Awards scheme
  • Report on transport symposium

Download the Spring/Summer 2008 newsletter (24 pages; PDF - 1.6Mb)

Autumn Bulletin 2007

The contents include:

  • Visit and Walks programme 2007 - more on transport symposium
  • Planned visits for 2008
  • 500 Club update
  • Next year's AGM - 24th April - an exciting new venue, and a few surprises!
  • Website - addition of the battlemap
  • Christmas cards

Download the Autumn Bulletin 2007 (2 pages; PDF - 77Kb).

Spring/Summer 2007 Newsletter

The contents include:

plus all the usual features such as district group reports and details of events.

Download the Spring/Summer 2007 newsletter (16 pages; PDF - 691Kb)

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