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CPRE Hampshire joins protest against proposed Motorway Service Areas

The group against the proposed Motorway Service Station with Maria Miller MP (in blue). The group against the proposed Motorway Service Station with Maria Miller MP (in blue).

19 March 2018

A group of about 100 local people gathered on sites adjacent to the A30 close to Basingstoke to support Maria Miller MP in a protest against plans to build two new Motorway Service Areas less than 4 miles apart by Junction 6. The CPRE was represented by Dee Haas, Hampshire Chairman, and Peter Prag, Chairman of the North Hampshire District Group.

'We have a number of concerns about this scheme’, said Peter Prag. ‘The proposed site of over 21 hectares would be located on the south side of the motorway which has effectively provided a barrier against development on land that is close to a Grade 1 Park and other important conservation sites. There are already two service areas close by on the M3, at Fleet and Winchester and it difficult to see why a further one should be required within only about 24 miles of each of these.'

'This one will therefore depend on many ancillary facilities such as a hotel and drive through catering outlets as well as retailing, most of which are already provided In easily accessible areas of Basingstoke. It would inevitably lead to constant light pollution in an area that is otherwise unspoilt. Due to the fact that it would be linked directly to the Basingstoke road networks it is likely that in time there will be further development in the form of, for example, distribution centres.'

'The scheme contravenes policies of a number of agencies including Highways England and the local planning authority and seems to represent a totally unwarranted commercial venture. The feeling of the meeting seemed to be strongly against allowing the destruction of an area of natural countryside so close to the town of Basingstoke for such an inappropriate and unjustified purpose.’

CPRE Hampshire supports Maria Millar MP's petition asking the Government to rethink lifting the restriction on minimum distance between service station to prevent this proliferation. We will continue to fight both proposed Motorway Service Stations and encourage any interested parties to get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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