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CPRE Hampshire & Orvis Clean Country Lanes

The Orvis UK & CPRE Hampshire team with 76kg of collected litter The Orvis UK & CPRE Hampshire team with 76kg of collected litter

12 March 2018

CPRE Hampshire and Orvis UK teamed up to remove 76kg of litter from the Hampshire countryside. 

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, Orvis UK and CPRE Hampshire joined forces to clear litter from two highly polluted country lanes leading into Bambridge, Winchester. 

Frequently used by commuters as a rat run, Kiln Lane and Bishopstoke Lane leading into Bambridge are littered by people on the move between Winchester and Eastleigh as well as the occasional fly-tipper. 

Orvis approached CPRE Hampshire seeking an opporunity to put their ethos of giving back to the community into practice by cleaning up vulnerable countryside areas.

Tanya Thorne, Director of Marketing at Orvis UK said: "Every year without fail, we at Orvis give 5% of our pre-tax profit directly back to conservation and nature and we have been doing this for a very long time. In addition, we also see much value in getting the Head Office team out in to our various communities, getting down and dirty and physically helping to clean up the countryside. This project where we partnered with with CPRE Hampshire was no different and equally as pleasing with 76kgs of rubbish collected. This included plastics, metals, rubber, glass, car parts, old signage and tin that was contaminating the verges, paths and waterways. Many motorists, cyclists and even the local council stopping to thank us for our efforts which very much kept us going throughout the day. It has spurred us on to do more of these types of 'clean ups' in the future. We would like to thank CPRE Hampshire for partnering us so well in the organisation and execution of the effort. A great team effort all round."

Both roads are situated or pass over the Itchen River and run through some of the most beautiful and untouched countryside between Eastleigh and Winchester. Cans and plastics thrown from vehicles pollute the area and could get into the waterways. 

CPRE has a long history of working on litter and was instrumental in the intorduction of the plastic bag levy and is now campaigning for the re-introduction of a bottle return system across the UK. 

In Hampshire, CPRE Hampshire supports communities to clear up their areas and organises litter picks in some of the county's most polluted areas. 

Charlee Bennett, Chief Executive of CPRE Hampshire said: "Litter is a huge problem for the Hampshire countryside, especially in the areas close to larger settlements. We were delighted that Orvis approached us and were keen to get their team out to collect littler in the countryside, we love working with like-minded organisations. Collecting 76kg in just a few hours was a great success - both lanes are looking much better."


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