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Proposed Aquind Interconnector threatens our landscape

A new proposal seen as threat to landscape and tranquility of area surrounded by the South Downs National Park 

CPRE Hampshire have responded to a consultation on the proposal for the Aquind Interconnector on a site near Lovedean.

Our South Downs and Central District Group has raised serious concerns regarding this proposal, with particular focus on the adverse impact this build would bring to the landscape and tranquillity of the area.

The site, which is surrounded on three sides by the South Downs National Park (SDNP) – with a gap of mere metres in some areas, has been found to be unsuitable by the group.

The proposed development includes plans for a Convertor Station with two convertor halls, each measuring 90 metres in length, 50 metres in width and 22-26 metres in height.

The sheer size and height of the proposed convertor halls– which would be substantially higher than any farm buildings or trees would create a serious impact on the landscape – with particular effect on the breath-taking views from the SDNP.

Christopher Napier, Convenor of the South Downs and Central District Planning Group for CPRE Hampshire said, ‘This proposal is inappropriate for this site. Not only would the landscape and views of this magnificent part of our Hampshire countryside be permanently damaged by these massive buildings, but we would also lose hedgerows and mature trees in the immediate area. The noise generated by the electrical equipment would harm the tranquillity and peace of these green spaces - offered by areas such as the South Downs National Park - which is vital for the health and well-being of us all. For buildings of the sheer size proposed, this location almost surrounded by the SDNP and in fine East Hampshire countryside does not accord with either national or local planning policy. A more appropriate site should be used’

If the site does go ahead, the charity have suggested a number of measures would need to be put in place to attempt to lessen the impact to landscape, noise and roads.

Further details of this objection can be found below. 




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