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Council back more ambitious plans towards a South Hampshire Green Belt

Keep it Green - Support a South Hampshire Green Belt Keep it Green - Support a South Hampshire Green Belt CPRE Hampshire

PUSH committee meet to decide fate of the countryside. 

After rallying the support of thousands of local people, our South Hampshire Green Belt campaign has gained further backing from Council Leaders.

The Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) committee met on the 4th December to receive a report commissioned on the viability of a South Hampshire Green Belt. The Joint Committee agreed that the Green Belt must now be included as a key part of the work that will form the Statement of Common Ground. This will mean that the adoption of a Green Belt will be given serious consideration as part of their ongoing plans for the sustainable development of the PUSH region. Although considerable work needs to be done to determine exactly how Green Belt could be introduced in South Hampshire, Council Leaders have shown their commitment to further exploration.

It's not often we agree with our elected leaders, so take 2 minutes to thank Council Leaders now.

CPRE Hampshire Chair Dee Haas was pleased by the outcome. ‘Our discussions with PUSH have always been very positive, with Cllr Woodward being a strong voice of support for the adoption of a Green Belt in South Hampshire. Although not giving a definitive decision, this is a great step forward for us. There was some amazing support for the adoption of the green belt in the meeting with comments such as ‘we need to grasp the nettle’ and ‘it’s not about watered down alternatives’ – which really highlighted the fact that some council leaders are committed to offering legal protection to our precious green spaces and they want to move this forward. We are thrilled that so many council leaders have prioritised the health and well-being of local people by choosing to bring us a step closer to a Green Belt in South Hampshire. Not only will this protect our countryside, but by establishing a Green Belt, the council would be able to concentrate on developing a more strategic, sustainable, forward thinking approach to planning to meet local housing need.’

Mrs Haas delivered a deposition at the meeting highlighting the need for protection of our green spaces in South Hampshire, the breadth of public support this issue has raised and the encouragement from central government for the protection of our green spaces.

Show Council Leaders your appreciation - send your thank you card now.


Prior to the meeting, Mrs Haas, along with representatives of the local community handed in a petition in support of the Green Belt, signed by more than 13,500 people.

‘We are so grateful to everyone who got behind this campaign and it just shows how deeply local people feel about protecting our amazing countryside in Hampshire. Although this decision is definitely a win for us, we still have a long way to go before we can guarantee these green spaces are protected in law, however, as long as people are behind us, the same people who our council leaders are elected to represent, we really think together we can make this a reality. In the words of Cllr House, ‘we need to get on with it’.’

We are asking all those in support of the South Hampshire Green Belt to send a card, thanking South Hampshire's Council Leaders for their support and reminding them what an important issue the Green Belt is to local people. Find out how to send your thank you card here. 

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