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CPRE Hampshire call for community minded Landowners to support rural affordable homes

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We want to hear from landowers who want to help support rural affordable housing in their local community. 

Following our Rural Affordable Housing Conference, we are asking businesses or families with land to consider working with housing associations like HARAH and community charities to provide affordable land for affordable homes. 

Dee Haas, our Chairman said, 'It may be viewed with some surprised that a charity such as CPRE Hampshire, an organisation striving to protect and preserve our beautiful countryside, would be thinking about how to better support rural affordable housing. However, we feel this is something that should be important to us all. Our rural communities are facing a real crisis, with schools, pubs, post-offices, shops and rural facilities closing down. We are out pricing all but the very few from our rural communities, often building the wrong kind of homes that don't meet the needs of local people - be this an older couple looking to downsize, or a young family looking to start out.'

CPRE Hampshire held a Rural Affordable Housing Conference on 6th November which highlighted mny of the issues facing local parishes and communities when trying to provide affordable homes for people in countryside villages and rural areas. 

Mrs Haas continued, 'One of the main stumbling blocks to providing homes for people in rural areas is the high price of land. At the conference, we discussed the idea of alturistic landowners helping communities where a need has been established, by contributing land either at no cost or low cost for small affordable housing schemes. We would ask any landowners out there who are keen to support their community to consider providing land at an affordable price for parish councils, housing associations and community groups looking to build affordable homes to meet the needs of local people. 

At CPRE Hampshire, we support a thriving countryside for everyone - this can only be achieved if a diverse group of people are living there. Planned rural affordable housing provides a way to ensure our rural communities can survive - with people connected to the countryside, living in it and working to protect it.'

CPRE Hampshire would like to hear from those interested in joining our register of supportive landowners and joining us in early 2019 for a seminar to dicuss options for realising community led, affordable homes. To register or for further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01962 841897. 

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