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Farnborough Airport - Airspace Change Proposal

21 July 2015

Update from Hugh Sheppard, CPRE Hampshire aviation volunteer.

Farnborough Airport has now submitted its Controlled Airspace Proposal (CAP) to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for approval. The earlier consultation had a 98% rejection rate, based on over 13,000 comments from 2,500 stakeholders. While the proposal is not a public document, it is based on Paper B on the TAG Farnborough website.

Note that Paper B does not cover the impact of the CAP on the south coast area, as this part of the original proposal was handed over to NATS (National Air Traffic Services) as part of a wider London Area proposal.

The paper claims that 250,000 people on the ground who may be directly affected by Farnborough flights would experience a reduction of noise that was due to previously dispersed routes at heights below 7,000 ft. What is not quantified is the accumulated increase in noise levels that can be expected on the ground by other people because of routes being concentrated on narrower take-off and landing flight-paths.

When asked to comment on this, a consultant from NATS said that using Paper B, "They - i.e. people - can work that out for themselves".

Your CPRE representatives feel this is much harder to do than this superficial reply would indicate. Please look at Paper B and the flight path maps on the internet or phone TAG Farnborough to learn if a paper copy is still available (01252 379000). Then look at the maps to see where you live in relation to the proposed, more concentrated, flight paths. If you don't like the implications, the email contact is Mr Phil Roberts, Director of Airspace Policy, CAA at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 020 7453 6501 and/or tell your MP of your concern.

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