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South Hampshire

Eastleigh on a beautiful February morning Eastleigh on a beautiful February morning Chris Godfrey

Spring / Summer 2017

Latest update from our district group in South Hampshire. This update was produced for our twice yearly newsletter, Hampshire Views. Please check the rest of the News section of the website for more recent updates.

Across the whole of South Hampshire we are pressing ahead with the Green Belt campaign as part of the wider CPRE Hampshire Strategic Vision campaign and have met with various MPs and Council Leaders. We have a petition which we hope everyone will sign and share

In Eastleigh we are working with the local group ADD Against Destructive Development to campaign against the choice of Eastleigh BC to include a large Strategic Growth Option north of Bishopstoke, including a new road across the River Itchen SAC (which is actually in Winchester CC), and running up to the border of the South Downs National Park at Upham. Full Council at Eastleigh BC approved a draft version of the plan in December, although traffic and ecological studies were still incomplete. Any changes to the plan are to be agreed by the Leader and officers, although hey have all-out council elections in May, and this may impact the timetable.

Fareham BC have produced a draft (Reg 18) version of a new Local Plan to 2036. It plans for 5,500 new homes in the wider borough (up from 3,729) and 6,000 at Welborne. Consultation ended in December and we await the next stage. In the meantime, many of the proposed allocations are coming forward as applications, which are all being permitted as they still do not yet have their 5 year land supply. This is not helped by the fact that Welborne has taken longer to come on stream that originally envisaged. CPRE is working with groups in the Western Wards and also Portchester.

A similar story in Havant, an appeal was lost on the basis of the PUSH housing numbers, which made out-of-date their allocations document, adopted 2014, and so a new draft Local Plan to 2036 has just finished consultation in February. Housing numbers went from 6,300 to 9,550. The draft Plan includes allocations in almost all of Havant’s remaining green spaces and gaps, including a development of around 2,200 dwellings filling the gap between Havant and Emsworth. North Hayling is only saved by Brent Geese and it’s inaccessibility. The good news is that an element of regeneration is included for Havant and Waterlooville town centres and we will be supporting this aspiration.

Caroline Dibden, Chairman South Hampshire District Group - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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