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South Hampshire

CPRE Hampshire gave a statement at Eastleigh Borough Council's public meeting in July on its Emerging Local Plan CPRE Hampshire gave a statement at Eastleigh Borough Council's public meeting in July on its Emerging Local Plan ADD Eastleigh

Autumn / Winter 2017

Latest update from our district group in South Hampshire. This update was produced for our twice yearly newsletter, Hampshire Views. Please check the rest of the News section of the website for more recent updates.

The Planning Inspectorate is deciding on planning in South Hampshire, with Havant, Eastleigh and Fareham all losing appeals for not having a 5-year Housing Land Supply. Havant and Fareham even had relatively recently adopted Local Plans, but developers challenged their housing numbers stating that newer, higher numbers had been calculated by PUSH (the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire). With no public consultation, we have not had the opportunity to oppose the calculations.  

Havant lost an appeal in Purbrook for 42 retirement apartments, and leading the Inspector to rule that the Council’s previous figure of 6,300 dwellings (315 a year) was out compared with the PUSH assessment of 11,250 houses between 2011 and 2036, which requires 450 houses a year. This vast increase has meant Havant needs a Local Plan review, which includes plans for a major new development in the Havant – Emsworth gap. We have joined together with colleagues in the local amenity societies under the banner of Havant Borough Residents Alliance to aim for the best possible outcome for Havant. 

Eastleigh has had no Local Plan since the last attempt was declared likely to be unsound by an Inspector in 2015. Until very recently they were losing appeals on the basis that they also had no 5-year Housing Land Supply, but with recent permissions granted (rather than lose them on appeal) for 250 dwellings at Fair Oak and 450 near Allington, they have now achieved the 5-year target. This gives them some breathing space while they work on a new Local Plan with numbers also derived from the PUSH assessment. But a large increase in the target means they are looking at a vast sprawl of development and a new road, located south of Upham, and north of Fair Oak and Bishopstoke (commonly known as Options B & C). We are working with local group ADD to try to oppose these plans.

And in August, Fareham lost an appeal in Portchester for 120 dwellings. It is sad that this green field is lost, but the worrying consequence is that Fareham’s land supply was judged to be only two years! Again, this is based upon the fact that new figures from PUSH should now be used. This means that it is “open season” in Fareham, and many other sites are under threat, probably until the new town at Welborne gets underway and starts producing houses on the ground. Welborne’s progress has been delayed and complicated by Fareham Borough Council seeking to take control via a Compulsory Purchase Order.

Caroline Dibden, Chairman South Hampshire District Group - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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