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North East Hampshire

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Spring / Summer 2018

Latest update from our district group in North East Hampshire. This update was produced for our twice yearly printed newsletter, Hampshire Views. Please check the rest of the News section of the website for more recent updates.

The two districts that cover North East Hampshire are Hart and Rushmoor.

Much time has been taken up over the last year considering the lack of a Hart District Council Local Plan and the need for Hart (our main area) to collaborate with the adjoining more urban areas of Rushmoor and Surrey Heath.

The group has met on two occasions with the Joint Chief Executive of Hart District Council and on the last occasion we were joined by the current Leader of the Council and the CPRE Hampshire Branch Chief Executive, Charlee Bennett. These meetings have been very productive and there is a definite understanding of our sometimes differing points of view and a spirit of cooperation between us. Further meetings are scheduled for the coming months.

We have also met with the CPRE Hampshire President and had wide ranging and informative discussions regarding the tensions created by the lack of a Local Plan and the threat of a “New Settlement” of up to five thousand new dwellings in a poorly defined green-field location. The inclusion of this “New Settlement” has proved to be a very divisive process with our own more urban towns and larger parishes saying that they do not want more development and offering support for green-field development in the rural areas. This has been countered by the rural parishes saying that a new 5,000 dwelling settlement covering green fields is unsustainable and unnecessary and will put great strains on infrastructure and may well blight the area by reducing the promised regeneration of the existing towns and larger villages.

The draft plan has now been published for consultation with housing need figures reduced to follow the latest government formula. This shows that Hart does already have sufficient land supply and that taking into account already approved and future anticipated applications Hart has already exceeded the housing numbers that are required. This was better news than expected but sadly there is a nasty sting in the tail as Hart have included a section within the plan document insisting that within the next five years they must plan for a new settlement within a search area focussed on the rural areas of Murrell Green and Winchfield.

We have also considered and responded to many other planning applications including the redevelopment of Bramshill House which is a listed building and we are preparing, once again, to consider a revised application to develop the Odiham Deer Park. We have also given advice to a parish council regarding a significant pre-application consultation.

Chris James, Chairman North East Hampshire District Group – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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