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New Forest

Autumn/Winter 2018

Latest update for the New Forest area. This update was produced for our twice yearly printed newsletter, Hampshire Views. Please check the rest of the News section of the website for more recent updates.


It's been a busy time for the group and we have been focusing much of our efforts on the response to the New Forest District Local Plan. We have raised three primary areas of concern, including sustainable development, protection of the countryside and the south west Hampshire Green Belt. 

The Local Plan has suggested particular areas of the Green Belt could be developed for housing. Although Green Belt status offers legal protection to these areas of land, it may, in 'exceptional circumstances' be proposed to meet housing need. 

The New Forest District Local Plan has identified a number of sites for development which are described as making a 'weaker contribution to Green Belt purposes'. However, an independent report on these sites described all but one of them as performing 'moderately' in preventing encroachment of development into the countryside, as well as in preventing neighbouring towns from merging (sites at Hordle and New Milton) or maintaining the setting and special character of a historic town (site at Lymington). Our response to this points out that, as such, the proposed sites are in fact still achieving the purposes for which they were included in the Green Belt.

We also highlighted areas of concerns regarding sustainable development. New guidelines require councils to make more effective use of land to minimise development of greenfield sites and accommodate housing need as much as possible on brownfield land held in public ownership and by using higher densities for town centres where appropriate. This would need a proactive approach using an Urban Capacity Study.

Issues of tranquillity, landscape and dark skies were also addressed in the response. Full details of our response can be found on CPRE Hampshire website.

Apart from sending a formal submission to the NFDC, endorsed by Branch office, several members, individually or collectively, prepared their own formal submissions based on their familiarity with local areas at risk from housing development’.

In addition to the Local Plan, the group have continued to deal with on-going issues such as the tranquillity vs low flying aircraft debate and the more controversial area of the pylon project.

In July we met with new members of the branch office to update them on how we operate as a group, future communications and opportunities for members and volunteers.

Russell Webb, New Forest Group Co-ordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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