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Planning Application - up to 115 residential dwellings, land adjacent Bridge Farm, Romsey Road, West Wellow

30 January 2017

Planning application by Gladman for 115 residential dwellings (including up to 40% affordable housing, approximately 46 homes), introduction of structural planting and landscaping, informal public open space and children's play area.

CPRE Hampshire's Test Valley District Group commented on this planning application at West Wellow (Ref. 16/03150/OUTS) and registered its objection. The reasons for opposing it are summarised below and set out in more detail in the letter available to download below.

1.   The site is not specified for development in the adopted Local Plan and the 115 houses proposed are not needed to meet Test Valley Borough Council’s housing target for Test Valley (south) or to satisfy the five-year land supply rule.

2.   The latest data from ONS shows that average household size is not decreasing as predicted by DCLG when making their household projections but is, instead, remaining persistently constant at 2.4 persons per dwelling.

3.  Contrary to NPPF para 15.

4.  A recent high court judgement (East Staffs BC v. Barwood, Oct. 2016 see separate download) says that proposed developments which are contrary to the adopted local plan can only be approved in exceptional circumstances - we do not consider that there are any exceptional circumstances in this case.

5. Disturbance of wildlife and habitats on this sensitive area located within a few hundred metres of the New Forest Special Protection Area (SPA) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) which are European sites. The sites are also listed as New Forest Ramsar site1 and a New Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

6. Traffic from the development will contribute to congestion on the already crowded A36.

7. Strain on water resources and waste water disposal.

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