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Odiham Deer Park - Hart District Council planning applications (16/02213/FUL and 16/02214/LBC)

Royal Deer Park Odiham Royal Deer Park Odiham Philip Todd

29 September 2016

These proposals refer to an important heritage site in North East Hampshire. This is already within the Odiham Conservation Area and is a Local Gap between the Odiham and North Warnborough settlements under saved Local Plan Policies. 

Almost unchanged since it was mapped in 1739, nothing has been built on this 100 acre remnant of the former Royal Deer Park, hunted by the Kings and Queens of England until the 17th Century. Primarily pastureland and still with an historic pattern of hedges and pathways, the area contrasts with the larger, more intensively farmed part of the original park now to the north of the modern A287, the Odiham by-pass.

This ‘change of use’ development proposal is for seven new executive homes to facilitate the construction of a mock-Jacobean Parker’s Lodge in the middle of the park, with a community hub, car parking, roads and diverted footpaths, high fencing and a deer herd etc.

The Consultation stage of the Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now open for comments and includes the Deer Park for designation as a Local Green Space, thanks to a huge majority of the community who voted for its conservation.  

CPRE North East Hampshire District Group is actively resisting the proposals on the grounds of unwanted, intrusive urbanisation contrary to National and Local Plan policies. While there is a case for better maintenance of the footpaths and improved signposting, the community values the Deer Park as an open space that provides the setting for both historic villages and the castle from which King John rode to Windsor to enact Magna Carta 800 years ago.

Only recently has the likely location of the site of the lost Royal Palace at Odiham adjoining the Deer Park been the subject of a research digest by CPRE member Hugh Sheppard. Known to be where Queen Elizabeth 1st held Privy Councils and stayed several times, the relationship of the Capital House and the Royal Park represents a classic example of the importance of ‘The heritage of the ordinary’, as succinctly put by Baroness Andrews, former Chair of English Heritage, to a Parliamentary All Party Group for the Historic Environment earlier this year.

For further information see: www.odihamdeerpark.org.uk/Documents/Odiham%20Heritage_Revised_Aug_2016.pdf

To view and comment on the planning applications, visit the Hart District Council website. The consultation for planning applications 16/02213/FUL and 16/02214/LBC ends on 25th October 2016.

The North East Hampshire District Group reported on the early stages of this proposal in June 2015.


Hugh Sheppard
for CPRE North East Hampshire District Group
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