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Froxfield & Privett 'Adopt a Lane'

CPRE Hampshire has been working with communities in the north of the county on ways to sustain a litter-free community. In Froxfield and Privett one idea has been to 'adopt part of a lane', where people volunteer for monitoring and cleaning a specific area on a regular basis.

This parish has 45 miles of lanes and within a few weeks of the scheme starting nearly 60 volunteers are taking part in the scheme. The initiative gives people a sense of achievement and they can be proud that their area is free of litter. It also encourages community cohesion, where the whole village is working together to enhance their Parish.

Clean Up Your Locality

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For support for a local litter pick, including a toolkit and the use of equipment, please contact Caroline Ford (Tel. 01329 832107; email: You can also visit, a website set up by CPRE and CleanupUK.

toolkit page

Download our Campaigners' Toolkit

This 30-page document contains many tips on how to make a difference in your area. There are sections on community action, how to get your community plastic-free, organising a clean up day, writing to get action and much more. There are also case studies including our own work on the Flytipping guide for land owners and one on CPRE Dorset's development of community partnerships. There are also some 'standard' letters to get you started.

Download it now (PDF: 8.2Mb)

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