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Hampshire has some of the most beautiful and varied countryside in England. We have two National Parks and two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our unique chalk streams and water meadows are admired by many the world over. Our coastal fringe harbours wonderful wildlife. For these reasons and more Hampshire's countryside is valued by residents and visitors alike. CPRE Hampshire is dedicated to conserving and enhancing it.

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Waste of Space

CPRE has launched a national campaign called Waste of Space, which asks people to spot spaces in towns, cities and villages that could be regenerated for new housing. At the last count, there was enough brownfield land for around 1.5 million homes - that could save a huge area of countryside while providing the homes we need. This follows earlier calls to make better use of brownfield land for our needed housing development. In June 2014 CPRE Hampshire wrote to local MPs in support of a brownfield first policy - see article.

Help us identify sites in your local town where housing could be built and add them to the campaign map on the national campaign website. See also press release (Nov 2014).

Sign Our Countryside Charter

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The first year of the Government's National Planning Policy Framework has seen damaging developments approved in precious open farmland and Green Belts, even in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is despite large areas of brownfield land being ready for development which could revitalise our towns and cities.

The Government has said it wants local people to have a say in planning their neighbourhoods, but decisions made by local councils are being over-ruled by Ministers or unelected Planning Inspectors. You can help support our campaign for changes:

Sign the Save Our Countryside Charter - details at the charter page of the CPRE national website and a sign up form.

For more background see Replace the developers' charter with a people's charter. See also press release (Feb 2015)

Together we can save the countryside.



We have continually campaigned to protect Hampshire's most special and precious landscapes. We have made a huge difference over the years, particularly in establishing the new South Downs National Park which is an enduring legacy for generations to come. We have been encouraging communities to conduct Local Landscape Character Assessments (LLCAs). With devolution of planning, these will play a pivotal role in the future planning process in Hampshire. A considered, locally informed LLCA will provide a strong basis on which to review planning applications. Our annual parish seminars provide opportunities to share knowledge on developing these assessments.

Landscape Pages   ::  LLCA Toolkit   ::  Community Planning

Landscape hot-spot - proposed windfarm of 14 large turbines near Bullington Cross. More...

The South Downs National Park

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The South Downs National Park came into existence on 1st April 2010 after years of campaigning by CPRE Hampshire and many other organisations. Our main recent effort was to ensure that the Western Weald was included. We are also pleased that CPRE Hampshire campaginer Margaret Paren was elected chair of the new authority for this national park.

South Downs pages and articles

Combatting Fly Tipping

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Fly-tiupping and litter despoil our countryside and cost the tax payer millions each year to clean up. Our national campaign is led by Bill Bryson. We have projects in Hampshire which aim to tackle this issue and clean up our beautiful county. In 2007, we launched a fly-tipping guide for landowners and managers, who have a legal responsibility to clear fly-tipping from their land.

On 12th May 2010, alongside several other organisations, we launched an innovative project which looks at different ways of dealing with instances of fly-tipping.

Flytipping pages  ::  Press release 12th May 2010

Hedgerows - Don't Cut Them Out!

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Hedgerows are living things that need to be managed to stay in good condition. They not only stitch our countryside together but are often key to the character of our rural villages. To better protect hedgerows we need stronger regulation and more funding to support the work farmers do in maintaining them. We are committed to protecting hedgerows and dry stone walls - features which give beauty and character to rural landscapes and are valuable habitats for wildlife.

Hedgerows - Don't Cut Them Out (38 page booklet - PDF: 3Mb)   ::  Hedgerows (national campaign)

Tranquil Places


Tranquillity is important for everyone - for our hearts, minds and bodies. When asked about what countryside qualities they most value, people said tranquillity was the most important. Aircraft, cars, roads and building developments are all eroding tranquillity. We've found a way to measure and help protect tranquillity with our maps. One of the threats to tranquilly in Hampshire is that of airport expansion - such as that planned for Bournemouth and Southampton, and many small airfields such as Farnborough.

Tranquil Places  ::   Aviation

Dark Skies

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Enjoying a view of the night sky with many stars is becoming rarer with increasing light pollution from poorly designed lighting. We have worked with Hampshire County Council for better guidance to control lighting.

CPRE has teamed up with the Campaign for Dark Skies to monitor and address this nuisance. One success is that light pollution is now regarded as a statutory nuisance. But the 2011 survey results show that things are getting worse - not better

Dark Skies Pages

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