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Rural economy

Odiham High Street Odiham High Street Photo: © Hugh Sheppard

The Rural Economy in Hampshire

Our vision

Our countryside is more beautiful and more tranquil, more diverse
  • A thriving rural economy, with much more local food
  • A return of wild flowers, birds, insects and mammals
  • More people enjoying the countryside, and valuing it

We sometimes hear it said that CPRE is against all development in the countryside. Yes, CPRE and CPRE Hampshire have a vision for a more beautiful and tranquil countryside, but not for one held 'in aspic'. That would be pointless as the countryside has always been subject to change.

We see a living and thriving countryside as essential to its wellbeing, and believe that protection of natural beauty, landscape character, local distinctiveness and sense of place can go hand in hand with an active and successful rural economy and flourishing local communities.

Our newly updated policy on the Rural Economy in Hampshire reflects this approach and gives support and encouragement to economic development in rural areas where it is appropriate in scale to its location, protects the intrinsic character of the countryside, and furthers sustainable development.

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