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Council Leaders Show Support for South Hampshire Green Belt

Keep it Green - Support a South Hampshire Green Belt Keep it Green - Support a South Hampshire Green Belt CPRE Hampshire

Green Belt report returned to PUSH on 4th December

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Thousands of local people have joined with CPRE Hampshire and signed our petiton in support of protecting our beautiful South Hampshire countryside for generations to come.

The petition, signed by over 13,500 people was presented to Cllr Sean Woodward, Chair of PUSH ahead of the Joint Committee meeting on 4th December. This came ahead of a key decision from the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH), a Joint Committee of our local councils and decision makers, to determine whether to continue to support the adoption of a South Hampshire Green Belt.

Councillor Woodward, a long-time champion of the idea of the Green Belt, was joined by his fellow elected Leaders from South Hampshire to receive the outcomes from a report exploring the ‘justification for considering a Green Belt.'

The Joint Committee agreed that the Green Belt must now be included as a key part of the work that will form the Statement of Common Ground.  This will mean that the adoption of a Green Belt will be given serious consideration as part of their ongoing plans for the sustainable development of the PUSH region. Considerable work needs to be done to determine exactly how Green Belt could be introduced in South Hampshire and Council Leaders have shown their commitment to further exploration.

CPRE Hampshire Chair Dee Haas was pleased by the outcome. ‘Our discussions with PUSH have always been very positive, with Cllr Woodward being a strong voice of support for the adoption of a Green Belt in South Hampshire. Although not giving a definitive decision, this is a great step forward for us.'

Read more about the meeting in our news section

Despite this success, we still need your support.

The threat to our countryside has become an even greater risk. South Hampshire’s Local Authorities have to build unprecedented numbers of houses in the coming years. Although some areas of the South Hampshire countryside have designated protection, there is no legal protection for any countryside locations, outside of the National Parks.

Charlee Bennett, Chief Executive of the charity said: ‘We know Local Authorities are up against it. Government housing targets are increasing and the pressure to deliver is huge. This is why we are delighted that the PUSH Leaders have been supportive so far. We know that at the meeting on the 4th, the committee will be looking in to the development of a Statement of Common Ground across South Hampshire Planning Authorities, we want to see plans for a new Green Belt within this. 

A new Green Belt presents a brilliant opportunity for their residents, the environment and the sustainable growth of the area. Not only would a new Green Belt give our Leaders the chance to prioritise the health & wellbeing of their residents by protecting the countryside on their doorstep, it would also bring back control in a developer led market. There is no denying that we need to build homes, but by adopting a South Hampshire Green Belt, we would be ensuring the proper planning of the area, taking into account local need, suitability and sustainability for now and into the future.

Ms Bennett continued: ‘We all need these green spaces, be it for the morning run, dog walking, escape from the pressures of city living or just for the children and grandchildren to play, they are so important for our mental and physical health and well-being. We can still meet our housing needs and maintain our quality of life. A new Green Belt would help us achieve a beautiful and thriving South Hampshire.The more public support we can show, the more likely we are to be successful. Our Leaders need to know you are on their side!’ 

We want you to help us to say a big Thank You to our Council Leaders for their support and remind them how much the South Hampshire Green Belt means to you. Find more details on who to contact and what to send below. 

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