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Protect South Hampshire's Countryside

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A new Green Belt for South Hampshire 

It's a little known fact that a vast amount of the South Hampshire countryside is completely unprotected. As the Solent towns and cities rapidly grow outwards, our most valued green spaces could soon be gone forever.

We love the rolling landscape, the wildlife and the quiet tranquility offered by the nature on our doorsteps, but it's at risk. We need to act soon to put in place a mechanism of protection for the last of our countryside gaps and green spaces. 

Our Local Authorities are responsible for planning where development will happen through their Local Locals. These Local Plans set out which areas of countryside need protecting and can contain policies that protect them in law. 

The Leaders of Eastleigh, Fareham, Test Valley and Winchester Councils preside over our most vulnerable countryside. They can help keep South Hampshire green by including new Green Belt policy in their Local Plans. 

Sign our petition calling for new Green Belt now.

For thriving communities surrounded by beautiful countryside for everyone to enjoy, let's encourage our Local Authorities to think radically and plan a bright future for South Hampshire. 


Quote from Chairman of CPRE Hampshire, Dee Haas: "Green Belt is a concept invented by CPRE to prevent urban sprawl and prompt urban regeneration. In many places across the country it has achieved exactly that. Seeing the expansion of the Solent urban area, for a long time we have felt that South Hampshire needs a Green Belt. To this end we have campaigned for a South Hampshire Green Belt for over a decade, and have supported the concept since it was introduced in the 1950's. We look forward to working with Test Valley, Winchester, Fareham, Eastleigh and other Hampshire Local Authorities to introduce new Green Belt into their Local Plans."

Sign our petition to the Leaders of Eastleigh, Fareham, Test Valley and Winchester Council and join us in our mission to keep South Hampshire green.

Hampshire County Council Leader, Councillor Roy Perry, is calling on the Government to enable local designation of additional Green Belt in Hampshire - HCC news release 15 November 2017

New research supports CPRE's call to create Green Belt in South Hampshire - CPRE Hampshire news release 12 December 2016

external small Campaign for a Green Belt across South Hampshire - report broadcast on That's Solent TV, 1 December 2015 (3:24 minutes)

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