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Wheelabrator Incinerator at Harewood

Proposals for the incinerator at Harewood Proposals for the incinerator at Harewood


CPRE Hampshire is aware of the consternation being caused in North Hampshire by the application of the American firm Wheelabrator for a massive incinerator.

This is planned to link up with existing waste management facilities north of the A303 near Barton Stacey. Raymond Brown, already operating on the site, own the land and the output from the incinerator will feed their well managed incinerator bottom waste building aggregate business (Fortis IBA). The heat from the new operation will be turned to steam and is planned to generate 51 megawatts of electricity for the grid. There is already a connection to the grid for the nearby solar array.

This total of 51 megawatts makes the application a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). This means that it will be decided by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, currently Greg Clarke. This will bypass the local decision maker which would have been Hampshire County Council.

The feedstock will be post-recycled industrial and commercial waste brought in by lorry from a travel distance of up to two hours. Hampshire has no need of this facility itself. 450,000 tons are need to reach the generation capacity planned. 22 tonne lorries will be used. There is of course no bulk transport by rail or coast as with other similar facilities.

The two chimneys will be over 90m high and the building 55m high. The whole is extremely large, cannot be screened and on top of a ridge. It is just south of the southern boundary of the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), only 1km from the SSSI designated river Test with its high natural, social and economic value, and it is only 2km from Bransbury Common SSSI. 

It is obvious that a facility of this size is not appropriate in a rural landscape and will dominate the scene from near and far. This fact and, traffic, noise and light pollution are all CPRE concerns, and we are aware of the worries of local people about the failure of regulation of emissions, aquifer pollution from the transport and storage on site of hazardous waste and the stockpiling of ash.

Access the scoping report from the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) website: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/south-east/wheelabrator-harewood-waste-to-energy-facility

To access the applicant, the brochure, and a response form from Wheelabrator: https://www.wtiharewood.co.uk/ 

(If you have queries or comments an individual letter would be a better rather than the firm’s response form)

An initial informal public consultation closed on 22 March, and the applicants are considering the responses before they modify their proposals and carry out a formal public consultation at the end of the year.

Any updates or news on this situation will be provided on our website. 

Latest News

CPRE Hampshire has been added to the list of Consultees for the Wheelabrator.

This issue continues to be debated and is an ever growing public-concern.  The Hampshire Chronicle have reported on this and Steve Brine MP, raised it as part of a House of Commons Debate.  We have submitted a letter in response to the Chronicle article, putting forward our position, which is available below. 



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