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Making the link between planning and water

Making the link between planning and water. A role for you - use our guidelines! We have some of the richest and most beautiful rivers in the world, and we need your help to protect them.

The water companies who supply our water and clean it up after we have used it can only advise planners about a proposed development.

New sources and state of the art waste treatment works will have to be paid for by the water companies who have a legal obligation to supply but no say in whether developments go ahead. Ofwat makes sure that prices for water stay low for you the consumer.

Thousands of houses are being proposed and supported by government in Hampshire and there is a worry that if they get the water they need our rivers will suffer declines in water quality and quantity. The River Loddon which flows north from Basingstoke is already seriously affected by low flows and pollution as the aquifer which feeds it is being depleted and river flows lowered as water is removed for our use. The Lower River Test will have more abstracted soon to meet needs in the near future.

CPRE Hampshire feels that we need a link between water and planning. The adequacy of the water resource should be a planning constraint not just a planning consideration. We can't change the law but with your help we can raise the profile of the issue.

So, CPRE Hampshire water focus group has designed guidelines for you to use when you are responding to planning applications near you. If you raise the issue every time then we hope a groundswell of support for water could result in water issues becoming a planning constraint.

You can download the guidelines below and use either the short version or the long detailed version every time you respond to a planning  application which will use water, seal the ground with concrete or produce waste water.

Remember too – your personal use of water is key. Try to keep it below 125 litres per day (your supplier probably tells you your average use on your water bill).

Look out for our next update on products and problems!

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March 2016

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