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A Strategic Vision for Hampshire

Our Strategic Vision for Hampshire is a call for us all to join the debate about how we manage pressure to expand, while protecting our precious and fragile environment. 

We champion much more than just the protection of the countryside. We believe that protecting all the things that make Hampshire unique will best serve the future of our county, its historic towns and cities, its communities and its economy. As the population of Britain expands, the tranquil, attractive and uncrowded landscapes that Hampshire still offers are becoming increasingly important national assets.

We believe that by planning our future with a strategic vision, taking a balanced approach to growth and the needs of all us who live and work in Hampshire, we can ensure the protection of our environment as well as our future prosperity.  

If you agree with us and would like to support the campaign find out how here.

The demise of structure plans for the county and regional plans for the South East removed the strategic framework to plan for development. None of the newly introduced plans provide an overview of the economy, housing, infrastructure and the environment across the whole county. This makes it hard to plan for development, improved infrastructure, green spaces or communities.  

We need a strategic vision that unites our Local Authorities to plan for growth in a better way. 

Please download our campaign brochure below for more information. If you agree with us and would like to support the campaign find out how here.

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