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In the affluent South East demand for resources is high. Increasing demand for energy is leading to more ambitious plans for renewable sources, such as wind. Water is becoming a precious resource we must not waste. But we are wasteful in other respects, too. Each person in our area generates around half a tonne of waste per year, and in most districts less than 30 is recycled.

Green Energy: Green Landscape?


CPRE supports the use of renewable energy, but not at the expense of the character, beauty or tranquillity of rural landscapes. A major concern is the promotion of large turbines and wind farms which is not likely to be either sustainable or acceptable. We were successful in 2009 in opposing the construction of a large wind turbine within the boundary of the South Downs National Park.

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Water: Will There be Enough?


In the future we could experience both flood and drought at the same time. With pressure for significantly increased housing in the (relatively) dry South East, will our water resources be able to cope. As part of our work in commenting on the South East Plan (now revoked), CPRE South East commissioned a hydrologist's report on Water Strategy. CPRE South East Director also put CPRE thinking forward in his article Water, Water - Flood or Drought?

Water, Water - Flood or Drought  ::  Water Strategy Report (PDF 2.85Mb)

Quarrying & Mineral Extraction

gravel extraction

We need an onging supply of sand, gravel and aggregates for building materials. Hampshire has rich sources of gravel in river valleys and on plateaus. At greater depths oil has been found.

Although extraction of these resources in the county is declining, every now and then are proposals for new quarries, such as that at Kingsley. We need to ensure that they don't destroy our fine landscapes and wreck tranquillity. And that when operations are finished, the sites of extraction are restored or even enhanced.

Read the CPRE policy on minerals and quarrying (external link)

Waste: And What To Do With It

recyling facility

As a society, we generate far too much waste. In the past much of this has ended up in landfill. Even worse, some of it has been flytipped in the countryside.

Hampshire has in place some advanced material and energy recovery facilities (see photo). Our waste campaign urges everyone to minimise waste, and to re-use and recycle where possible, using facilities around the county.

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