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Press Release: 15th November 2010

Wallington Village joins SHUV in campaign against new town


Wallington Village Community Association (WVCA) is one of the latest groups to show its support for the SHUV campaign, run jointly with the Campaign to Protect Rural England, which is concerned about a proposed large-scale development of between 6,500 and 7,500 homes north of Fareham. Campaigners say that it will infill the only piece of green countryside between the village of Wickham and Fareham.

David Walton, of Wallington Village Community Association (WVCA) is due to speak for campaigners at a Fareham Borough Council meeting on 18th November, at which councillors will vote on whether to pass the plan within the Core Strategy for the area. If it is passed, the development plans would be included in information to be considered at Public Inquiry. Mr Walton said:

"The Council's own data contained within the Core Strategy document shows that in the period 2010 -2026 the Fareham Housing need is for an additional 500 homes above and beyond those currently planned to be built; which begs the question why are they even considering an SDA of 6,500 - 7,500 homes on some of the best farmland in Hampshire, just to satisfy PUSH's aspirations.

"Secondly, I believe it would be grossly irresponsible of the Council to commit to such a massive development at this early stage, when most of the infrastructure requirements haven't even been costed, let alone are the funding streams in place. In the present financial climate, where is the money going to come from to fund for example the highways improvements, the access road, work on the Motorway Junctions and the BRT system, all of which ought to be made absolute prerequisites before any decision is made. All of the local Community Groups are totally against the SDA proposals in their present form."

Fareham Borough Council has said that funding will be detailed in an 'Area Action Plan', to be drafted at a later date.

An online group has been set up by the Campaign to Protect Rural England, to fight the proposals. Email to Postcards can be ordered from 01962 779185 or by email at

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Notes to editors

CPRE Hampshire strives to promote the beauty, tranquility and diversity of the countryside of Hampshire by the sustainable use of land and other resources in town and country, and encouraging the biodiversity and well-being of rural communities.

1. CPRE Hampshire has studied Fareham Borough Council's 2009 questionnaire. It recorded responses from residents such as "the use of a Greenfield site north of Fareham is a disgrace", "it will destroy the Fareham area", "there will be no wildlife or woodlands - you are building on them", "why are local politicians not fighting against this?", "strange questions". This questionnaire was not sent to the inhabitants of Wickham and Knowle, two villages most affected by the proposals.

2. Further information and a map showing the area can be seen on p.16 of Copyright is held by Fareham Borough Council and Ordnance Survey. OS press office can assist with permission to print on 023 80 792251.

3. Photos and other illustrations available K. Burney, CPRE media officer (contact details below).

4. CPRE South Hampshire Group focuses on protecting the urban green spaces and countryside in the South Hampshire sub-region, particularly in the light of recent changes to planning legislation.

5. Caroline Dibden of CPRE South Hampshire was a founding member and helps lead the SHUV Campaign (South Hampshire's Unheard Voices). SHUV involves 35 different groups from countryside campaigners to urban civic societies, to parish councils, from right across the South Hampshire region, and in particular from the area around the proposed Fareham SDA. Members include the Fareham Society, Knowle Village Residents, Wickham Society, Wickham Parish Council, Fareham Branch SE Hants Green Party, the Portchester Society and Havant Friends of the Earth.

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