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Planning in Hampshire

We are a proactive organisation, committed to finding positive planning solutions for the benefit of our countryside and local communities.

At CPRE Hampshire we spend much of our time considering planning issues. We work on a strategic planning level within the South East (see CPRE South East), respond to Government consultations and influence local development plans. We also work at a local level commenting on planning applications, where we try to offer positive solutions for the benefit of both our countryside and the community.

With the new Government, planning is to become more localised. Decision making powers to local communities, through their local councils, which currently are developing their Local Development Frameworks (LDFs), as part of the planning process brought in by the previous government. This will provide CPRE Hampshire with real opportunities to get our views across to the people of Hampshire.

Current Priorities

  • Following the recent abolishment of Regional targets in favour of localised planning, we are awaiting guidance and we look forward to engaging with local communities on planning matters.
  • Working with the residents of South Hampshire to re-influence the plans for the south Hampshire Sub Region - see SHUV (South Hampshire's Unheard Voices).
  • Ensuring development on Brownfield continues despite policy changes tending to make development on greenfield sites easier
  • Dealing with particular proposals for large scale developments. We are actively following proposals for the Bordon-Whitehill 'eco-town', to make sure that the proposal has suitable infrastructure in place, takes account of its surroundings and that it lives up to its 'eco-town' credentials- see Whitehill, Bordon - An Eco-town?
  • Major housing proposals such as those at Barton Farm at Winchester, Basingstoke, Romsey and sites at the edge of Petersfield.
  • The need to provide affordable housing in rural communities. see Chris Griffin's article The Need for Affordabble Housing in Hampshire.
  • Supporting the New Forest and South Downs National Parks Authorities in their work to enhance the special character and enjoyment by all of these beautiful areas.

Our Position

Good land-use planning is the key to environmental protection and has always been one of CPRE's top campaigning priorities. Good planning can support local communities, help slow the growth in road traffic, encourage urban regeneration, curb urban sprawl, protect the beauty of the countryside and enhance local communities.

CPRE Hampshire is positive, forward thinking organisation. We are a 'yes' organisation. that is we are 'yes' to democratic planning, 'yes' to affordable housing and 'yes' to proper infrastructure. We are committed to finding positive planning solutions for our countryside- listening to the needs of local communities whilst respecting our Hampshire heritage.

In summary, we:

  • Seek to protect our Hampshire countryside and maintain and enhance its natural beauty
  • Support better use of existing land, particularly on brownfield sites and high housing densities in urban areas
  • Expect future housing provision to be sustainable, with high levels of energy and water efficiency
  • Encourage good design, commensurate with local character
  • Recognise the need to create more affordable housing, especially in rural communities.

What we are doing

  • Actively monitoring and reviewing proposals for major developments, such as the proposed Fareham Strategic Development area and Bordon eco-town - see major developments.
  • In 2009 we ran a seminar for parish councils on CPRE's vision and on planning issues. Another seminar is planned for this year - read more...
  • Our local group representatives often provide support to parish councils to respond to significant developments in their area.
  • We promote the CPRE guide How To Respond to a Planning Application (PDF 657Kb)
  • We have called for a more democratic planning process, that takes account of the views of local communities and the local landscape character. Sometimes in the past we feel that government has pushed a raft of top-down regulatory initiatives under the PPS arrangements (e.g. PPS 7, 3, 25), as well as putting forward numerous disconnected initiatives.
  • We encourage sustainable development - integration of the various elements, such as housing alongside water resource and infrastructure planning, to ensure that the environmental quality and quality of life of Hampshire's communities is enhanced.
  • We have resisted urban sprawl. we need 'green lungs' to protect the countryside while ensuring provision for recreation, attractive landscapes, improving damaged and derelict land, securing nature conservation and retaining farming and forestry.
  • Although regional plans have been scrapped, many other changes the Government wants to introduce will need legislation. CPRE is working hard to try and make sure that a reformed planning system will deliver for the countryside.

Reading some of our responses to the now defunct South East Plan (see below) will also give additional information on the types of considered input we provide to thsoe making planning decisions.

How We Can Help You

If you, or your local community need support, we can offer you planning advice and have a wealth of expertise on offer to aid your work. Our planning volunteers are often able to provide local advice and direct you to relevant resources. We can look at the applications and if appropriate we will make try to influence the proposal by putting in a response from CPRE.

Further Reading

Many of the following refer to the now defunct South East plan and Regional Spatial Strategies. Nevertheless, they do highlight key planning issues for Hampshire and CPRE Hampshire's position.

There are more article on our archived South East Plan pages.

This page last updated 21st March 2011.


Currently the main planning issue is the proposed Fareham Strategic Development Area which calls for a new town of up to 10,000 new homes. CPRE in its alliance with South Hampshire's Unheard Voices calls for proper consultation on this proposal.

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planning charter
CPRE has recently launched its 9-point charter for planning reform: Making localism work for the countryside
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