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Litter Pack for Schools

In 2009, CPRE teamed up with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to produce an educational pack designed for teachers and young children. The project was trialled in summer 2009 by Liss Junior School, near Petersfield, Hampshire as part of its annual Health & Citizenship Week.

Benefits of the School's Pack

The benefits of using the pack are manifold:

  • Colourful CD-ROM and folder designed for use with the curriculum
  • Children get to understand why they should not drop litter
  • Colourful show how rubbish can harm animals, birds and plants
  • DVD, slideshow and posters
  • Ideas for art and craft activities
  • A musical play to be acted and sung by the children
  • Opportunities for local media coverage - example press releases available.

How to get it

If you would like a hard-copy of the toolkit it can be purchased for £20; additional CDs are free. Please contact Becky French at CPRE Hampshire for further information on 01962 843655 or email

The main part of the toolkit (89-page booklet) can be downloaded here (PDF: 6.3Mb). You can also print out this school litter pack flier (PDF) for reference.

Case Study: Liss Junior School

liss junior school

The school's activities centred around a musical play "King Waste-a-lot's Picnic" (see photo).

CPRE Campaign Coordinator Caroline Ford gave a presentation (from the toolkit) to the school on the problems of litter. Teacher found the pack 'user-friendly' with it practical ideas and posters. It helped the school focus on specific objectives and encourage the children to come up with lots of ideas.

Read the full case study.

Help Children Develop Positive Habits

get involved

The toolkit is a great resource and covers a really important subject to introduce to young children. We would like to encourage you to take a copy to your local primary-level school or group. Please contact Becky French on 01962 779185 for an information pack and CD booklet.

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