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Recycling more would help to reduce the litter 'drop' in our towns and villages. CPRE first highlighted the need to "return to vendor" last year. Since then new research has been published (September 2010) that shows that a deposit refund scheme refund scheme for drinks containers would have clear economic, social and environmental benefits.

"Bring back the returnable bottle"

recyclable bottle The latest research commissioned by CPRE shows that a deposit refund scheme would cost little to set up, and would generate revenue to support most of its own running costs. The research demonstrates how the scheme would help the Government achieve a 'Zero Waste' economy by increasing recycling rates, and reducing litter as promised in the Coalition's 'Programme for Government'. In launching the results of the research Bill Bryson said:

"CPRE has published this research to reignite the debate, so that an effective mechanism which delivers environmental and social benefits in many other countries can be given its proper consideration in the UK."

For more information see 1) the national press release; and 2) 'Have We Got The Bottle' research report (PDF: 2Mb).

September 2010

Return to Vendor

recycling A public opinion poll commissioned by CPRE has found that 82% of people support a bottle return deposit system, whereby at least 5p was included in the price of every drink container, with that deposit paid back to the consumer when the container was returned for recycling. Such a scheme would surely decrease the amount of unwanted glass and plastic sent to recycling centres, but it could also reduce the amount of litter.

The research commissioned for Defra shows that a deposit scheme could have real advantages, and we don't even need to look outside UK for proof. In Scotland, Iron Bru is still available in refundable glass bottles, and an impressive 70% of those are returned!

Bill Bryson, President of CPRE, said:

"We asked Government to consider a review of bottle deposits systems earlier this year and we know Ministers will be looking at the results as part of their strategic review on packaging. This public poll proves that such a scheme would have huge support, so we say that now is the time for Government to take action".

For more information, please visit:

May 2009

Have You Got The Bottle?

get involved

You can help our campaign for a bottle deposit scheme by sending an e-card to the Government. It will only take a minute. Send your e-card from the CPRE national website.

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