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Stop the Drop

Stop the Drop, CPRE's national campaign against litter and fly-tipping was launched in April 2008 with intense media interest. CPRE Hampshire has been addressing the problems with fly-tipping since 2006, when a booklet was produced giving guidance to landowners on how to deal with the increasing problem.

CPRE's National Campaign

stop the drop logo Spearheaded by CPRE president Bill Bryson, the national 'Stop the Drop' campaign has thoroughly researched the subject and provided a wealth of information on the issue and what we can all do about it. CPRE estimates that it costs taxpayers over £500m annually to clear our streets. The latest report shows that a deposit-refund scheme on dirnks containers would work and help to address the problem.

Go to the national Stop the Drop pages for further details and to sign up to Bill Bryson's fortnighly campaign newsletter.

Combatting the Litterbugs

pretty awful

Ever wandered around a pretty Hampshire village, only to find your enjoyment spoiled by unsightly litter? You are not alone, which is why CPRE Hampshire are actively involved in helping to fight litter. The top 'drops' are smokers' materials, confectionary and drinks cartons, fast food and snack discards.

Go to our main litter page to read about the issues and what CPRE nationally and CPRE Hampshire are doing about it.

Become a 'Fly-Spotter'

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Did you know that there are over 1 million incidents of fly-tipping each year but that doesn't include all the rubbish dumped on farmland and woodland? As part of our ongoing work to address the problem of rural fly-tipping, CPRE Hampshire has partnered with several other organisations to address the problem in a more concerted way. There are 12 pilot projects across East Hampshire which will assess the problems on private farmland and seek volunteer 'fly-spotters' to report fly-tippping incidents.

Read more ... Flytipping update (Autumn 2010)  ::  Flytipping campaign pages

Toolkit for Schools

schools toolkit

In 2009, we announced a brand new litter toolkit, designed for use by Schools and children's groups. The project was trialled in summer 2009 by Liss Junior School, near Petersfield, Hampshire as part of its annual Health & Citizenship Week. The 'How to Run a Whole School Litter Campaign' booklet is a comprehensive guide on litter awareness and provides practical activities which encourage young children to understand the problem of litter and the harm it can do to wildlife and the environment.

Download the booklet (6.4Mb PDF)  ::  More information for schools

Keep Your Village Tidy

parish toolkit

In order to encourage litter action in rural Hampshire, CPRE has teamed up with the Big Tidy Up (a Keep Britain Tidy campaign) to offer financial support for local groups that are either currently undertaking litter initiatives, or for those who wish to start tackling litter issues in their area. There is also a Parish Toolkit that gives useful advice on what you can do to clean up your environment.

Read more...  ::  Parish toolkit (3.2Mb PDF)

Bring Back The Returnable Bottle

water bottle

A public opinion poll commissioned by CPRE has found that 82% of people support a bottle return deposit system. CPRE has recently released a report Have We Got The Bottle. It shows that such a scheme covering glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans would cost little to set up, and would generate revenue to support most of its own running costs. It's just one way that more recycling can reduce the need for landfill, make better use of resources and reduce the problem of litter.

Have We Got The Bottle? (Summary report: 6.5Mb PDF)  ::  Recycling pages

Making The Most of Waste

recovery facility

So what happens to all our waste when it doesn't depoil our countryside? To avoid increasing the burden on landfill, a good option is to use energy and materials recovery facilities. Hampshire has four such facilities in total (Alton, Portsmouth, Chineham and Marchwood). Our Walks and Talks programme has included visits to some of them

Waste Pages (Resources Section)

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