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Flytipping has been a major concern of CPRE Hampshire for several years preceding the national launch of Stop the Drop. In 2007 student Rhiannon Fisher on a six-month work placement with us, researched the problem and developed a guide for landowners and farmers (PDF: 450K). Our latest initiative is a pilot project in East Hampshire whose aim is to improve prevention, reporting and taking action. This page outlines the issues and what we are doing.

Did you know?

  • In England, there were nearly 1 million reported incidents of fly-tipping in 2009-10, an 18 per cent decrease on the previous year
  • However, Councils across England brought only just under 2,500 prosecutions - although this is a 20 per cent increase over the previous year, there are prosecutions in less than 1 in 400 cases.
  • A new incident of fly-tipping occurs every 12 seconds at a cost to the public purse of around £72 a minute.
  • 95% of farmers have cleared up other people's rubbish from their land.

The Issues

  • Fly-tipping spoils our local neighbourhoods and countryside.
  • It directly affects many farmers and can harm farm animals and wildlife.
  • It can cause serious pollution and be a risk to human health.
  • The official statistics on the incidence of fly-tipping only covers flytipping on public land - yet in Hampshire's countryside we know it is a problem on private land.

What We Are Doing

  • With various partners, a new network was set up to improve prevention, reporting and taking action; since launching in May 2010 we now have over 100 'flyspotters' - read more...
  • CPRE Hampshire has spearheaded the way for the rest of CPRE - Rhiannon Fisher spent 6 months with us in 2006-7 to launch our campaign with the farmers and landowners guide...
  • Flytipping: A Guide for Farmers and Landowners - this 16 page guide covers regulations, measures to deter fly-tippers, how to gain convictions and who to contact if fly-tipping occurs on your land - download the guide (PDF: 450K) or contact the office for a hard-copy.
  • CPRE has joined and is active on the National Fly Tipping Prevention Group (NFTPG). Their publication Tackling Fly-tipping: a guide for landowners and managers, includes information about legislation and case studies - download the guide (PDF: 750K)
  • CPRE Hampshire has teamed up with other NGO's to form a Hampshire litter campaign group. Made up of representatives from the Committee for Rural Hampshire (CRH), Country Land Association (CLA), NFU, WI and local parishes- the group aims to improve the litter and fly-tipping situation in Hampshire.
  • Maintaining the momentum - CPRE Hampshire Development Officer, Becky French appeared on the BBC Watchdog programme on 16th September 2010. She discussed the problem of flytipping and the work of CPRE Hampshire to spot and clear tipping sights...

Become a 'Fly Spotter'

get involved

If you would like to register as a 'Fly-spotter' and report any fly-tips that you see when you are out and about, in the first instance email or telephone Becky French, CPRE Hampshire on 01962 779185. Also contact us, if you feel you can help our campaign against flytipping in any other way.

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